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How to Use AI Technology to Upgrade the Checkout Method of Retail Weighing?

Focus on the field of intelligent retail, and use AI technology to empower and upgrade the weighing and cashier methods of retails. JWIPC has created an AI smart scale solution to great market value to help merchants improve weighing efficiency, reduce costs and improve the customer shopping experience. At present, the program has been implemented successfully in various supermarkets, fresh food stores, and other places across the country.


Compared with traditional electronic scales, JWIPC's AI electronic scales are easier and more convenient to operate. You only need to put the product on the weighing table, and nearly 1,000 kinds of commodities such as fruits and vegetables, fresh products, and dried miscellaneous products can be accurately identified in an instant. It can quickly weigh and print labels, without the need for supermarket and store staff to recite the code of the product and input a long string of numbers, which can save labor/hardware, improve weighing efficiency, and completely innovate traditional electronic scales.


JWIPC's AI electronic scale also has a variety of functions:

• Intelligent weighing, automatic identification of goods to achieve machine replacement of labor;

• It supports 1000+ SKUs, involving fruits, vegetables, dry goods, snacks, etc.;

• Local learning, automatic error correction service, its recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.5%;

• AI algorithm self-learning. It can work in different lighting environments and various bagging scenarios;

• Support new stores to inherit the learning outcomes of existing stores;

• Barcode transparent transmission mode, used as cashier software without printing and direct transmission;

• It is compatible with the mainstream weighing protocols on the market, and supports common ERP software to realize automatic weighing of goods;

• Loss-prevention overlay, weighing SKU information, operation logs, etc., will be sent back to the overlay camera synchronously at the same time;

• The secondary screen displays weighing information synchronously and supports unified management of promotional advertisements and other information.


This electronic scale can accurately identify different products as well as similar products. JWIPC uses a large number of different forms of commodity data to accumulate and return to the intelligent system for learning, ensuring more accurate machine identification, thereby supporting product identification of different forms, regions, and varieties. In addition, JWIPC optimizes the algorithm model and updates in real-time based on the dual learning method of the terminal and the cloud, so as to accurately identify the products with subtle differences in appearance. In order to ensure the final recognition accuracy, the equipment will display products of the same category, different varieties, or high similarity to the settlement interface, and the operator can select the correct product to reduce the loss caused by misjudgment.

AI empowers retail

With the development of the market, a variety of AI intelligent scale products have appeared on the market. To optimize customer application experience, JWIPC's AI smart scale adopts better solutions from hardware, software, and algorithm to the system, showing multi-faceted advantages.


Hardware advantage

JWIPC's R68P motherboard based on RK3568 chip, native 0.8T NPU, and supports Caffe and other AI models. The motherboard supports dual LVDS, or EDP+LVDS and other multi-type dual-screen displays; 8M ISP with HDR function, good backlight effect; supports image post-processing, such as noise removal, distortion correction, color enhancement, etc. Gigabit Ethernet network, single-band 2.4G or dual-band 2.4G&5G WIFI module, faster network transmission, and lower latency. The overall design is compact and compact, which is convenient to adapt to different structures. Built-in thermal printer, compatible with 12V/24V cash drawer. It can help the device to complete integrated services such as intelligent identification, weighing, receipt printing, and payment.

Algorithmic Advantage

High-precision effect: Supported by massive training data and actual business scenarios, it provides high-precision processing effects.

Comprehensive data adaptation: general algorithm capabilities adapt to different scenarios and different types of business data input and processing.

Fast processing speed: Combined with customized optimized algorithm models and engineering solutions, it can achieve millisecond-level processing response and feedback.

System advantage

Quick identification: After placing the product, the identification result will be displayed within 200ms. Combined with a high-speed printer, the price tag can be quickly produced.

Ease of use: Support PLU code or Pinyin initial search, mnemonic code, barcode, etc., suitable for employees with insufficient ability.

Flexible deployment: software and hardware are shipped together, and the software SDK is integrated with the public board to ensure compatibility and stability, and improve the rapid delivery of projects. The overall solution can drive the efficiency of product development, upgrade, and technical support in all aspects. The scale body is easy and quick to install, the products can be recognized correctly, and the initialization can be completed within 3 hours.

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