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JWIPC E068 Edge AI BOX Applied to the Central Control of Building Tower Cranes

Background of E068 Edge AI BOX in Building Tower Cranes 

As the height of the building continues to rise, the continuous increase of the working radius of the tower crane, operators often operate with blind spots,inaccurate positioning of blind crane, video delay/interrupt, all these problems are also increasingly unfavorable for the safe lifting requirements of operators. In some construction sites, the video of the system hook ball machine often freezes, and the interaction of the system display man-machine interface is extremely unfriendly. It brings inconvenience to the operator and seriously affects the judgment of the on-site situation, and lacks the accurate torque curve management of the pendant. For this reason, the construction company needs to introduce a new central control display solution for the pendant tower.

Requirement of E068 Edge AI BOX 

Through the new Tower crane central control display solution, connecting peripheral sensing equipment and various monitoring systems, operators can observe the surrounding conditions of the Tower crane in real time and high-definition through the display device, so as to accurately make correct operations and judgments to solve the problem like visual blind spots on the scene, voice guidance errors and other industry problems. While effectively avoiding accidents, it can improve the construction efficiency of the construction site, reduce the safety accident rate, and at the same time realize remote data debugging, reduce labor costs, and build a visual intelligent construction site system.

E068 Edge AI BOX Deployed

  • ARM Rockchip 3568 ,Quad Cortex-A55

  • Mali-G52 GPU

  • 1 x USB2.0,1*USB3.0

  • 4 x COM(RS232/485 optinal)

  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet,Onboard WIFI/BT

  • 1 x M.2 for 4G mobile network(optinal)

  • 1 x HDMI2.0,1 x LVDS

Solution Diagram of E068 Edge AI BOX 


Key Benefits of E068 Edge AI BOX 

  • Built-in independent NPU, up to 0.8T computing power, to achieve stronger computing and reasoning capabilities

  • 4K video decoding capability, which can effectively prevent the stuck phenomenon of video encoding and decoding

  • 1-channel CAN and 6-channel UART interface, which can fully meet the needs of external sensor access

  • Effectively replace the original old model machine, the user experience has been greatly improved

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