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JWIPC's Smart Vending Machine Solution Makes Shopping Easy!

Program introduction

There are very high technical barriers and thresholds for the application and implementation of artificial intelligence, and it is necessary to focus on product development and technological improvement. AI vision technology makes shopping easier, and AI makes transaction data smarter. Based on the intelligent core host, through computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion, and other technologies, this vending machine system provides offline brick-and-mortar retail stores with a "smart container" solution that doesn't require queuing and checkout and is ready to go.

Visual container solutions

The rise of visual containers

From entering the store, visiting the store, purchasing products, and checking out, only face recognition is needed. This new era of retail technology is unknowingly integrated into consumers' lives. Smart containers are a new way to replace unmanned containers. In the current situation, the cost is lower, the product category is more abundant, it can be dynamically adjusted, the inventory information can be replenished in a timely manner, and the user experience of refined operation is better. The core of the smart container is "intelligence". Users only need to scan the code to open the door - product selection - close the door to automatically settle the three steps to complete the shopping, making consumption more convenient and faster, and maximizing the user's consumption experience.

The Market for Smart Container

The hot development of the retail market has brought unmanned retail into people's field of vision, and the market has driven enterprise innovation. After the unmanned container outlet has passed, the 2.0 model "smart container" promoted by AI technology has emerged. Smart containers can form a closed loop of consumption. Users can scan the code to open the door to pick up the goods, and the fee will be deducted when the door is closed. The intelligent technology enables the operation and replenishment process, and the scale benefits of sales and brands can be gradually generated.

Advantages of Dynamic Smart Container

Compared with the static vision container, the dynamic smart container installs multiple cameras on the edge of the door frame to recognize the goods grabbed by the user when the user picks up the goods. There are no restrictions on the display of goods in the container, which can maximize the effective volume of the container and greatly reduce operating costs. In different container types, dynamic visual cabinets are a general trend in the future.

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