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23-inch All-in-One PC

Adapting to different customer preferences, JWIPC all-in-one machines have different designs, curved screens, narrow frame, frameless, a variety of types can be purchased. JWIPC 23-inch all-in-one computer is mainly designed for office and home entertainment, to meet your work and life needs as a whole.

Types of 23-inch All-in-One PC

All-In-One vs. Desktop PCs

Compared with the all-in-one computer, the desktop computer also has the advantages of small size and space-saving, and its performance and flexible expansion are stronger. The all-in-one machine integrates all peripherals including Bluetooth, microphone, etc., but this also affects the overall performance of the system.  AIO is lack upgrade options, most desktop computer cases can be opened to install and replace components, but all-in-one systems use a closed design, which typically limits the system to upgrading except for memory.

From the perspective of appearance and ease of use, the all-in-one computer is more beautiful and convenient, and there is no need to configure additional devices such as monitors. From the perspective of application scenarios, desktop computers have stronger performance and can complete more complex design applications.