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ARM Motherboard

Taking into account the advantages of the ARM architecture such as small size, low power consumption, and low cost, JWIPC has launched a series of motherboards based on the ARM architecture to help customers build applications with requirements of power consumption and cost, such as self-service, POS, display, and other equipment. Additional value-added services, based on ARM products, JWIPC provides more software docking services and guarantees for product quality.

Types of ARM Motherboard

Embedded ARM Motherboard Design

ARM-based SBC(single board computer) based on embedded ARM processors meet the requirements for power and performance optimization.

JWIPC provides various types of SBC for all your industrial embedded applications. Taking advantage of the low power consumption and cost-effectiveness of ARM processors, Choose from 3.5 inches, an ultra-slim SBC board integrated with the most advanced technology to generate compact computing and engines, and meet customers' needs.