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Business MINI PC

Compared to desktop mini pc, business mini PC can increase your confidence, with built-in hardware security features and flexible design. It's more secure with better generality. JWIPC business MINI PC can provide you with an excellent innovation experience.

Types of Business MINI PC

Use of Business Mini Computer

JWIPC Business MINI PC can meet the different needs of different scenarios, and upgrade the product according to your demand. At present, the common usage of MINI PC are as below:

  • It can be used as a traditional PC when it is connected to a monitor;

  • Connected to the TV, it can also become a computer, used as a home office and home smart TV;

  • Connecting to the wireless network can be used as a multimedia server terminal.

Therefore, Mini PC has more functions than a traditional PC in terms of hardware configuration, such as more display interface options and a wireless WIFI network card.