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Layer 2 Switch

JWIPC Layer 2 switches are specially designed for next-generation networks and support gigabit electrical ports of different specifications. Layer 2 ethernet switch build a high-reliability networks with security and simple management. Meet individual needs and provide customized services.

Types of Layer 2 Switch

Key Features to Consider When Choose Switches in Networking

Selection of Access Layer Switch

The demand for access layer switches is the largest, and the layer 2 network switch connected to the terminals need to meet the multi-port and low-cost characteristics, so the main consideration is the cost-effectiveness factor.

Selection of Aggregation Layer Switches

Because of its position, its performance must ensure that the access layer is higher and the switching speed is faster to meet the needs of upload and download. So need more ports and better performance.

Selection of Core Layer Switches

When choosing a core switch, you should focus on comparing the throughput, bandwidth, and other factors of the switch, and choose a manageable switch with a Gigabit or even 10 Gigabit or more.