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Layer 3 Switch

A Layer 3 Switch is a switch with some router functions, which works on the third layer of the OSI network standard model: the network layer. The most important purpose of the Layer 3 managed switch is to speed up the data exchange within the large-scale local area network. JWIPC has multi layer switches specifications of layer 3 to choose from and provides customized services at the same time.

Types of Layer 3 Switch

Features of Switches PC

Features of Access Layer Switch

The access layer switch is mainly to solve the access requirements between adjacent users. The shared address that we often use in our office is the credit of the access layer switch. In some large networks, the access layer switch also has user management and user management functions. Information gathering functions.

Features of the Aggregation Layer Switch

The aggregation layer switch is used to transmit the information of the core layer switch and the access layer switch. The aggregation layer switch can implement strategy and implement functions such as routing between VLAN, workgroup access, and address filtering according to the edited program.

Features of Core Layer Switch

As the core layer switch of the backbone transmission network, it has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, manageability, and low latency.