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Main Stream Digital Signage Player

JWIPC mainstream digital signage players are cost-effectiveness and at the same time have stronger performance and better expansion than entry-level digital signage player hardware. While satisfying the display of high-definition advertisements, it can realize basic interactive management or other extended applications, which is suitable for more scenario applications and long-term application development needs of products.

Types of Main Stream Digital Signage Player

Software Compatibility of Digital Signage Player

JWIPC mainstream digital signage player, taking into account performance and cost, can not only help customers realize complex video playing applications, but also have higher cost performance, and can run software suitable for business needs smoothly.

Great hardware maximizes compatibility with more software, helping you save time, maximize the value of your ad inventory, and keep your network running smoothly.

JWIPC mainstream digital signage hardware is matched with different application software systems, which can realize many application scenarios, such as information display, self-service, advertising interaction, etc.