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Mini PC

MINI PC refers to a relatively small miniature computer mainframe. Due to its unique advantages of size and flexibility, Mini PC computer is widely accepted by users. JWIPC has been working in the MINI PC industry for many years. Mini workstation pc has a mature and stable R&D team and a stable and updated product line. The overall product line is small in size, sturdy in structure, quiet and energy-saving, and is suitable for cloud desktop and commercial use. At the same time, JWIPC is still expanding its product line to meet more industry applications.

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Types of Mini PC

Features of Mini PC

Classic Design: The MINI PC adopts a small and compact desktop pc box design as a whole. Most MINI PCs are only palm-sized, small, and light. They can usually be mounted on the monitor through its integrated VESA bracket or can be placed directly on the desktop in a vertical or horizontal position.

Multiple Types of Platforms: JWIPC MINI PC is designed based on different platforms of X86 and ARM. X86 includes Intel Celeron and Core platforms. Customers can choose a more suitable configuration according to their application needs.

Smooth Desktop Experience: JWIPC MINI PC supports common display interfaces and also provides 4K high-definition display output, which can provide users with a smooth desktop experience, including desktop operation, design software use, and high-definition video playing.

Good Peripheral Compatibility: JIWPC MINI PC devices support multi-channel expansion, have good compatibility, and support various peripherals such as U disk, printer, camera, high-speed camera, U-key, etc.

High Reliability: It can achieve high data reliability and avoid the risk of data loss caused by a disk or host failure.