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Retail Motherboard

As a leading supplier of IoT device motherboards, JWIPC has many years of experience in the retail field and has launched nearly 100 customized retail hardware platforms for customers. JWIPC retail motherboards make special processing changes for the special needs of retail motherboards in terms of performance, display, network, and peripherals, so as to be more in line with the development trend of experience and applications in present streaming media era.

Types of Retail Motherboard

Retail Embedded Motherboard Requirements

JWIPC retail motherboards include a variety of forms and different system specifications. The iterative design of the entire series of the retail motherboard is with strict model control, minimizes engineering changes, and reduces design, maintenance, and upgrade costs.

JWIPC retail motherboards have diverse interfaces, which can meet the needs of multiple peripherals of retail motherboards, and at the same time use the latest technology to continuously improve product compatibility, to achieve various types of services such as display, interaction, and self-service.