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SD-WAN Device

JWIPC integrates the research and development advantages of the IOT business unit and the communication business unit, and uses the different architectural features of ARM and X86 to launch two types of SD WAN devices, desktop SDWAN and rack-mounted SDWAN, including commercial-grade and industrial-grade products to match different scenarios.

Types of SD-WAN Device

SD-WAN Device Features

SD-WAN, Software Defined Wide Area Network, is a service formed by applying SDN technology to wide area network scenarios. This service is used to connect enterprise networks, data centers, Internet applications, and cloud services.

SD-WAN Features:

Unified management: unified development, testing, deployment, and management, compatible with most mainstream platforms, simplifying complexity and reducing operating costs;

Easy deployment: breakthrough poor architecture, flexible networking, and easy deployment;

Reduce operation and maintenance: save IT operation and maintenance costs by more than 20% to 40%;

Function integration: such as products for industrial scenarios, integrating routers, serial servers, industrial hosts, and industrial switches;

Network upgrade: Provide an efficient transmission network and improve enterprise network security protection.