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Thin ITX

Thin Mini-ITX motherboard is a 170 mm × 170 mm motherboard form-factor. JWIPC MINI-ITX consumer motherboard is mainly suitable for all-in-one devices, with the advantages of multi interfaces, low power consumption, and reliable performance. JWIPC MINI-ITX consumer motherboards can meet the needs of different industries regardless of size or power efficiency, an ideal platform for consumer products in the market.

Types of Thin ITX

Quick Consumer Motherboard Buying Tips

First of all, the motherboard is the platform of the entire host. Selecting the motherboard basically determines the scope of the CPU, and selecting the CPU also determines the scope of the motherboard.

When choosing a motherboard, please consider as below:

Find the right socket for your CPU: Different CPUs match different sockets. JWIPC motherboards mainly include Intel and AMD platforms. Whichever platform you end up choosing, make sure your motherboard has the correct sockets to support it.

Consumer motherboards come in three main sizes, from large to small, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX.  You can choose a suitable motherboard according to the size of your computer case, you should also consider the computing performance of the motherboard, and match different memory and storage according to the performance requirements.

A high-performance interface means a higher price. So pay for the functions and settings you need, choose a motherboard with suitable expansion interfaces according to your expansion needs, and only pay for your built-in WIFI and high-end ports when needed.