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SINCE 2011

JWIPC Technology Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 001339) is a leading domestic provider of AIoT hardware products and solutions. As a national high-tech enterprise with prestige and a "little giant" company, JWIPC focus on intelligent industrial development and promotes comprehensive applications of AIoT scenarios. The development of our core competencies in multi-scenario product definition, diverse research and development, flexible manufacturing, and intelligent information management systems, leads us to pursue the mission: "Achieve Customer Success and Create a Smarter Future." 

JWIPC Production Line

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JWIPC Brand Introduction


JWIPC, as the leading brand of IoT industry master control solutions and personal/commercial PC, its brand design contains many meanings. The letter "i" stands out in the logo design, representing "intelligence, innovation, iot, etc." With multiple concepts, it is the perfect interpretation of the convergence of all businesses, and conveys the brand concept and spirit of JWIPC. At the same time, the combination design of the two letters "PC" forms a creative symbol of "infinity ∞", symbolizing that the JWIPC brand has an infinitely diverse future, connecting with customers and achieving each other, creating an "infinite" intelligent world.

JWIPC Advantages

R&D Advantage

JWIPC has set up research centers in Beijing, Wuhan and Shenzhen with high-quality R&D teams. JWIPC insists on independent research and development and independent creation. R&D personnel accounts for more than 22% of the total number of the group, with an average of more than 9 years of industry experience, and an annual output of more than 400 projects.

Manufacturing Advantage

We have our own manufacturing base, covering an area of 33,300 square meters. The factory has a professional management team and a first-class production workshop. We have well-equipped structural and electronic production workshops, SMT production lines, DIP production lines, assembly lines, professional testing and analysis equipment, high-temperature aging rooms, and a large number of professional technicians and production managers. Members, production technology is at the leading level in the same industry.

Supply Chain

JWIPC has a strict supply chain screening process, and a high-quality supply chain system can play a huge role. We have stable and reliable cooperation with chip manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Rickchip, NXP, etc., which can ensure the timely delivery of customers.

Customized service

JWIPC provides customers with a one-stop solution of "Terminal-Edge-Cloud-Network". According to customer needs, JWIPC also provides customers with ODM/OEM customized services to help customers quickly achieve project application construction and product launch.


JWIPC has more than 600 patented technologies and more than ten technological innovation awards, it has made important contributions to the intelligent development of the industry. Inject the continuous research spirit of craftsmen in the transformation of industry fragmentation to standardization, boldly innovate in emerging industries, deeply understand application requirements, and combine new technologies to achieve subversive innovations in new product forms, industry standards and new applications, and promote Deep integration of industries.

JWIPC Corporate Culture


We pursue zero defects. The spirit of quality of excellence, the spirit of meticulous work, and the spirit of creativity that constantly surpasses. Make bold assumptions and verify carefully.


Work happily, live happily, and realize value. Live better. Know how to cherish, be grateful, diligent, and self-examination. Become a respected company.


Treat the society, customers, colleagues, partners and family sincerely. Be kind to others and treat them sincerely. Words have faith, promises must be fulfilled, and promises must be kept.