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JWIPC Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading brand of IoT hardware solutions, JWIPC IoT hardware companies have a one-stop hardware solution of "Terminal-Edge-Cloud-Network", including digital signage players, embedded motherboards, embedded PC, all-in-one PC, edge computing, servers, switch Computer, etc. product line. JWIPC focuses on the R&D and production of IoT hardware, has a fully independent R&D center, and its R&D personnel has rich R&D experience. Wholly-owned manufacturing plant to ensure product delivery and quality. As one of the internet of things hardware companies, JWIPC can provide end-to-end solutions and IoT hardware customization services for system integrators and OEMs around the world, helping various industries achieve informatization and intelligent development.

Digital Signage Player
From affordable plug-and-play devices to sophisticated boxes with massive processing power, JWIPC has a wide selection of digital signage players. Customized value-added services such as advertising playback, self-service equipment, and home entertainment.
Industrial Personal Computer (IPC)
JWIPC Industrial Personal Computer covers various sizes and performance levels, which can meet the application of industrial automation control, machine vision, edge computing, and other scenarios. JWIPC industrial products are not only stable and reliable, but also have the characteristics of cost performance, easy maintenance, easy use, and easy upgrade.
Consumer Motherboard
JWIPC's consumer products include Thin ITX and Micro ATX motherboards. Advanced upgrades and high-quality product quality.
Mini PC
With the cloud desktop system, JWIPC MINI PC can realize remote office, easy management of enterprise data, and provide different services for the modern office.
All-in-One PC (AIO)
JWIPC All-in-One PC has but is not limited to 21inch, 23inch, 28inch product lines, which can meet different needs of office, home, games and so on.
Applications of JWIPC IoT Devices
JWIPC products can be widely used in education, retail, office, security, industry, and other scenarios. It is convenient for customers to quickly build scenarios. As one of the most professional IoT hardware companies, JWIPC not only focuses on a single product but also provides an overall IoT hardware deployment solution around the application. With the full realization of multi-industry expansion, JWIPC Internet of Things Hardware Companies is still continuously improving its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to accelerate the deployment of applications in more industries.
Smart Education
Build a smart campus based on systems such as distance teaching, interactive classrooms, and educational information management.
Smart Education
New Retail
Focusing on retail scenarios, create a face-scanning payment, AI electronic scales, smart containers, express cabinets, and catering integrated supporting services.
New Retail
Networking & Communication
To provide better guarantee for cities and enterprises in data transmission and storage, JWIPC creates cost-effective communication hardware and 5G industrial IoT overall solutions.
Networking & Communication
Industrial Automation
Provide professional industrial computing, industrial control, industrial information security, machine vision and intelligent manufacturing solutions for the manufacturing industry, and provide support for the upgrading of embedded industrial computers.
Industrial Automation
IoT Solutions
Other industries based on IoT applications will showcase the comprehensive and intelligent construction of smart cities, such as smart light poles, various self-service terminal solutions, etc., to optimize urban management and services and improve the quality of life of citizens.
IoT Solutions
Cloud Computing
JWIPC cloud computing solutions include server, storage, network, software, cloud desktop and other services to help enterprises achieve simple office and simplify IT operation and maintenance.
Cloud Computing
Committed to a new generation of intelligent office solutions, providing commercial-grade enterprise network security, data storage, conference systems, cloud office, attendance services and other office one-stop hardware solutions.
What Makes JWIPC Unique
R&D Strength

JWIPC IOT hardware companies has more than 500 employees, with R&D accounting for 22%, and they all have rich industry experience. The annual project volume exceeds 400.

Industrial Innovation

Up to now, JWIPC has hundreds of patents, and every year JWIPC will launch new industrial products.

Customized Service

To meet the individual needs of customers, JWIPC IoT hardware companies provide customers with customized solution services.


Wholly-owned factory, advanced equipment, self-created iMes system, leading production technology, 33,300 square meters production base, more than ten years of manufacturing and processing experience, build quality manufacturing.

System Management

long-term and stable supply cooperation system and product tracking management system to ensure product delivery and product quality control.

Business Distribution

As one of the internet of things hardware companies, JWIPC has agents in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, and other regions, with business all over the world, and products can be stably supplied to various countries.

Quality Service

24H technical consultation before and after sales, quick maintenance within 1-2 working days, 3-year free product warranty.

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