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About JWIPC's AI Server

As an infrastructure for digital construction, it needs to provide enough computing power to better handle increasingly huge data and complex algorithms. To help the digital economy to develop better, JWIPC has launched 1U, 2U, 4U, and tower AI servers with different architectures to meet the computing power requirements of different application scenarios in the market.


New product recommendations of AI server

1U rack mount



• Intel C246+XEON E, CORE series

• 1 * NVIDIA TESLA T4 (optional)

• 1 * Cambrian MLU270 accelerator card (optional)

2U rack mount


4U rack mount


Tower AI Server


Application scenarios

JWIPC's AI server can be widely used in various scenarios, including medical, retail, government affairs, security, search engines, and other industries.

Medical imaging

It uses artificial intelligence technologies such as machine vision, knowledge graphs, and deep learning to simulate the thinking of medical experts, conduct reasoning, help doctors locate the disease, and assist in making a diagnosis.

Security monitor

Using knowledge graph technology, deep learning, and other technologies and make it applied to scenarios such as human body analysis, image analysis, vehicle analysis, and behavior analysis.

Smart Retail

By machine learning and based on the store's historical sales data, it can accurately predict future sales and provide operators with more accurate decision-making analysis. In the retail industry, there are also application scenarios such as self-service sales and face payment.

Smart government

Based on AI, information security, and mobile Internet technology, build a government service platform, realize the sharing and coordination of urban data resources, and establish a new "Internet + government service" model of information support, grid management, and diversified services.

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