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Advantages and Applications of Embedded Computer

Introduction to Embedded Computer

Embedded computer, also known as fanless industrial computer or box PC, is generally composed of embedded microprocessors, peripheral hardware devices, embedded operating systems, and application programs, used to implement control, monitoring or management functions for other devices. Embedded computers have low power consumption, small size, fanless design, strong stability, and are widely used in factory production line control, video surveillance, rail transportation, ticket machines, automotive electronics, game consoles, and more.

Advantages of Common Embedded Computer

  • Good product adaptability, almost fully matched with the tested and controlled object functions, with certain scalability but not as the main purpose, thus having a high-cost performance.

  • High reliability, based on reliable electrical function design, carefully considers the reliability design contents such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dust and waterproof design, and anti-vibration design, etc. An embedded computer uses aluminum fins distributed on the surface of the chassis for heat dissipation, effectively solving the problem that the internal temperature of the chassis is high and the cooling fan is prone to failure after the long-term operation, improving the stability and reliability of the industrial computer in long-term operation on site. At the same time, fanless operation also avoids the requirement of air convection, effectively preventing dust from entering the industrial computer.

  • Low power consumption and fanless design as the mainstream trend. After the equipment is miniaturized, the heat dissipation capacity is limited, and the MTBF (mean time between failure) requirement of the embedded system is also very high, especially in unmanned applications, ultra-low power consumption and fanless design have become necessary.

  • Miniaturization, reflected in compact design, small size, light-weight, small space occupation, simple and flexible installation and maintenance, convenient operation, almost can be matched with any terminal, equipment or control cabinet. The product performance advantages of embedded computers and their huge market potential stimulate and attract many industrial computer manufacturers to invest in the development of embedded computers.

Application Fields of Embedded Computer

Embedded computer is a reinforced and enhanced industrial computer which can run reliably as an industrial controller in tough environments. Simply put, embedded computers are compact computers designed specifically for industrial sites. An embedded computer can be flexibly applied in harsh environments such as heat and limited space, including car-mounted, retail, surveillance, electronic billboards, factory control and other low-power consumption system demand applications.

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