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Application of Industrial Computers in Intelligent Transportation

1. Application introduction of industrial computer

Industrial computers are durable solutions for demanding environments such as protection from liquids and dust and extreme temperatures as well as high shock and vibration. Moreover, industrial computers are also long-life-cycle solutions, which can be used for many years.

Industrial computers have been widely used in aircraft, automobiles, mechanical equipment, electronic devices, construction and light industry and other fields. For example, industrial computer-based robot arm control system, automatic guided transport vehicle control system, etc.

Industrial manufacturing is the process of using industrial computer systems to manage, control and operate production equipment. For example, in the manufacturing process of the product, the industrial computer is equipped with a motion control card to control the machine, process the data required in the production process, control and process the flow of materials, and inspect the product.

2. Industrial computers are used in intelligent transportation

Industrial computers can bring intelligence to transportation systems, such as smart vehicles, smart traffic management systems, smart toll systems, and smart ticket systems. Intelligent transportation systems improve the efficiency of global transportation systems by alleviating congestion, preventing accidents, allowing vehicle tracking and reducing emissions. Efficient transportation systems are critical to the global economy.

As the number of goods and people using the transportation system increases, transportation intelligence becomes more important to improve system efficiency. Industrial computers are transforming the transportation industry by interconnecting vehicles, traffic lights and other devices, and the Internet.

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