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Application of Industrial Panel Computers in the Digital Transformation of Factories and Warehousing Logistics

Industrial Panel PC in the Application of Industrial Digitization

Digital transformation of factories is the developmental demand for the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. With the deepening of intelligent manufacturing transformation, information technology has gradually penetrated into every aspect of the industrial scene, and the demand for key carriers - industrial panel computers - is continuously increasing.

Industrial panel PC is generally used in industrial automation, industrial vision, and interactive control in smart factories. By combining with the Internet, the production facilities used in production can be interconnected and managed remotely through a unified IoT connection management platform, replacing manual operation, saving manpower, and improving work efficiency.

Currently, the embedded industrial panel computer can be seen everywhere in smart factories, such as the following scenarios:

  • Production line transformation: The embedded industrial panel PC has powerful I/O function and human-machine interface function, which can act as an intelligent billboard in the factory assembly line, compatible with access control, object scanning, monitoring and other systems, and become an important carrier for production line safety management, information dissemination and intelligent scheduling.

  • Digital control: At present, smart factories often use highly automated and intelligent CNC system equipment instead of manual operation. Based on the human-machine interface of embedded industrial panel computer, operators can complete human-machine interaction control, instruction operation and other operations.

  • Instrumentation and control: In the automatic detection of instrumentation and control, by configuring the embedded industrial panel PC to connect high-precision electronic cameras, the operation data and status of production equipment can be monitored in real-time.

Multiple Application Scenarios of Industrial Panel PC in the Warehousing and Logistics Industry

Industrial panel PC in essence is an industrial control computer specially designed for use in the industrial field. Compared with ordinary commercial machines, it has stronger environmental adaptability, scalability and ease of use, and is therefore favored by customers in the industrial automation field. It has become the best platform for various digital control and human-machine interaction applications. Based on this, the warehousing and logistics industry has also begun to actively integrate the embedded applications of industrial panel PC when carrying out transformation and upgrading towards automation, intelligence and informatization.

Currently, the application of industrial panel computer in warehousing and logistics center is very complete, such as the application of CNC display on automation stereo library, the application on storage trucks, and the application on the incoming and outgoing warehouse production lines, etc. Through the integration design of the host and touch high-definition display screen, it provides administrators with a human-machine touch interface. When applied on storage trucks, it also supports the transmission processing and high-definition display of video/image data information when intelligent hardware such as cameras is installed, thus assisting drivers to confirm the accuracy of material transportation through the display.

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