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Applications and Prospects of Digital Signage Mediaplayers

Digital signage player has changed the traditional information dissemination mode, and the wonderful screen display brings visual enjoyment to the vast audience. Digital signage attracts customers because it conveys messages in a familiar and high-quality form and is equipped with entertainment equipment.

Application Analysis of Digital Signage Player

In order to obtain long-term advertising sales revenue, digital signage also attracts enterprises, because it can provide instant updates, targeted visual communication, rich in content and attractive. Generally speaking, the applications of digital signage in various industries can be divided into queuing applications, inquiry applications, exhibition applications and promotion applications.

Application of queuing: it is used for queuing in banks, hospitals, government agencies and other offices;

Application: in shopping malls, chain stores and other places for advertising, new product promotion and some preferential activities. In addition, it can also be introduced as the business process of government, hospital, etc.

Exhibition application: Provide customers with related product introduction, product display, service information inquiry and other services at the exhibition platform and exhibition channel, so as to show the exhibitors' elegance more comprehensively and attract more audiences

Application: It can be used as an auxiliary device for salespeople to promote and introduce products to customers. It will be more convincing to make product information and company website content into flash, and cooperate with salespeople to introduce products to customers.

New Trend of Digital Signage Player

Highly functional integration: With the technology of digital signage player becoming more and more mature, the market demands more and more functions for players. Ordinary digital signage players can't meet the market's more characteristic service needs, such as interactive entertainment, intelligent display and promotion, product identification, etc. It is an important trend of future development to achieve higher functional integration of digital signage players by improving product performance, expanding peripheral connections, and carrying more functional software systems.

High-definition resolution: With the development of technology, the display resolution reaches the height of ultra-high-definition. From the initial 1080P to the present digital 8K display, the market pays more attention to the viewing experience.

Naked eye 3D: When it comes to visual effects, we have to mention another very hot topic "3D". However, unlike digital cinemas and other applications, the digital signage industry does not have the conditions to provide 3D glasses for audiences. Therefore, the introduction of naked-eye 3D technology seems more practical.

Contactless interaction: Contactless sensing technology is the next generation evolution trend of man-machine interface. It is widely used to detect people's movement or limb movements within the sensor coverage. Digital signage solutions include the concept of contactless interaction (including voice, gesture and mobile device control), which is also due to the desire of industry leaders to reduce unnecessary contact and increase the number of visitors.

In the past, owners and users only paid attention to the content on the screen and the final performance results. Now, people are more aware that no matter where the screen is placed and the dynamic content is created, the effectiveness of digital signage in stores is determined, and technology is still the main driving force of digital signage industry.

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