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08th Feb 2023
Detailed Explanation of JWIPC M3+S2 Intelligent Conference System Features
Since the emergence of video conferencing, it has gradually become one of the most important communication methods of enterprises. Many people in the workplace have more or less helped departments or ...
01th Feb 2023
Application of Industrial Computers in Intelligent Transportation
1. Application introduction of industrial computerIndustrial computers are durable solutions for demanding environments such as protection from liquids and dust and extreme temperatures as well as hig...
15th Sep 2022
How to Use AI Technology to Upgrade the Checkout Method of Retail Weighing?
Focus on the field of intelligent retail, and use AI technology to empower and upgrade the weighing and cashier methods of retails. JWIPC has created an AI smart scale solution to great market value t...
01th Sep 2022
About JWIPC's AI Server
As an infrastructure for digital construction, it needs to provide enough computing power to better handle increasingly huge data and complex algorithms. To help the digital economy to develop better,...
21th Jul 2022
New Arrival: Boosting the Development of Ubiquitous Digital Visualization
The global digital signage market was valued at USD 21.49 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028, reaching USD 38.23 billion by 2028. The main drivers of market ex...
07th Jun 2022
Digital Signage Player has Become an Important Information Dissemination Tool in Public Places
Digital signage player aims to broadcast advertising information to specific people in a specific physical place and in a specific time period, which makes it obtain the advertising effect. Some peopl...
07th Jun 2022
Applications and Prospects of Digital Signage Mediaplayers
Digital signage player has changed the traditional information dissemination mode, and the wonderful screen display brings visual enjoyment to the vast audience. Digital signage attracts customers bec...
07th Jun 2022
What Makes an All-in-one Computer Unique
Nowadays, people's demand for space is increasing, which also promotes the development of science and technology to thin and light technology. Look at the digital products around us, such as mobil...
07th Jun 2022
Mini PC: Small and Powerful
The so-called mini desktop computer is a compact desktop computer. This desktop computer has a compact shape, which not only has higher integration, stronger computing performance, but also has a more...