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Detailed Explanation of JWIPC M3+S2 Intelligent Conference System Features

Since the emergence of video conferencing, it has gradually become one of the most important communication methods of enterprises. Many people in the workplace have more or less helped departments or colleagues prepare for pre-conference work. Especially in the meeting preparation stage of small and medium-sized enterprises, the first concern for the arranger is whether the operation of the conference equipment is simple.

The M3+S2 intelligent conference system launched by JWIPC solves this problem well. The system integrates functions such as cameras, speakers, and key extenders required for intelligent meetings, and can start an office intelligent meeting with a simple connection, which greatly simplifies the meeting layout process, and makes the meeting room more concise, while meeting the normalized smart meeting scene needs of all small and medium-sized enterprises.


Just 2 steps to start a wireless smart conference


Detailed explanation of M3+S2 intelligent audio and video conferencing system

JWIPC M3+S2 intelligent audio and video conference system includes M3 audio and video conference all-in-one machine and S2 intelligent conference control terminal, which is a video collaboration solution specially designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. The idea of JWIPC's launch of this system is to effectively solve the shortcomings of traditional conferences such as cumbersome deployment, complicated use, poor conference data sharing, and incomplete video images. This system makes meetings easier and creates an efficient and high-quality meeting experience.

HD camera, 4K ultra-clear imaging

With the built-in 850W ultra-clear camera of M3, it can provide clear video imaging at the highest resolution of 4K. It also supports functions such as smooth panning of the lens, optical zoom, and AI viewfinder, and can automatically track the speaker's face and provide lossless image quality, enabling you to experience a real face-to-face meeting experience.

Advanced audio module, listening more clearly

The M3 is equipped with 6-array microphones and AI pickup technology, which supports a high-definition pickup distance of 8 meters, and cooperates with echo cancellation, noise suppression and vocal amplification algorithms to keep the speaker's voice clear regardless of distance; in addition, the high-fidelity speakers equipped with the equipment can provide clear and transparent sound effects for every part of the conference room.

Function integration, controlling the conference at will

S2 (with drive-free technology) connected to the notebook, can realize plug and play. The S2 remote control integrates volume adjustment, mute, microphone mute and Bluetooth control switch, which eliminates the huge expenditure on equipment cost and the single function of the equipment in the conference room in the past. Now only one S2 controller + mobile terminal device is needed to easily realize wireless conference and conference function control.

Wireless screen projection + virtual camera, multi-person one-click sharing

S2 is connected to the notebook, while using the local wireless projection function, it can also realize the virtual wireless camera and microphone function based on the M3 camera and S2 controller device, and then through the wireless transmission technology, the notebook computer can easily display the panorama of the conference room (picture taken by M3), to achieve high-efficiency video conferencing.

In addition, one M3 device can be connected to at least 4 S2 controllers, and the data content can be shared instantly through wireless screen projection, so that multiple people (1-4) can cast screens at the same time, fully solving the pain points of poor sharing effect and low efficiency of traditional conferences.

Integrating modern design concepts, full of sense of luxury

Every component in JWIPC M3+S2 intelligent audio and video conferencing system is carefully designed and built by engineers. The simple design of the equipment with matte frosted texture, elegant and fashionable appearance, can be perfectly integrated into various modern meeting rooms scenes.

How to use decides how to install, one-time layout, worry-free follow-up

In terms of expansion, M3 provides a very rich I/O interface. In terms of scene layout, it provides three free installation methods (wall-mounted, desktop-mounted, and screen-mounted). The flexible installation method does not require the help of professionals. After choosing the installation method, you only need to connect the power cord and large-screen videos cable to the M3, which eliminates the cumbersome process of connecting various devices in traditional conference rooms and connecting multiple devices in sequence.

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