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Digital Signage for Class

Market Overview

The education digital signage industry is highly favored by educational institutions and schools. It provides a more convenient and efficient information delivery solution for education management. However, the pressure of technological updates, intense market competition, and information security challenges require collaborative efforts from relevant companies and schools to promote innovation and improvement, facilitating the sustainable and healthy development of education digital signage.

JWIPC D-series Motherboards

JWIPC's D-series motherboards are specifically designed for education digital signage products, offering diverse expansion interfaces, including USB, GPIO, and serial ports. They support mainstream touch technologies like resistive and capacitive touch. The slim design and continuous I/O interfaces of the motherboard make it easy for customers to iterate and upgrade their products. This product provides customers with great flexibility and adaptability, catering to the needs of different schools and institutions, and contributing to the modernization of school management.

Advantages and Benefits

Specialized Design: JWIPC's D-series motherboards are exclusively developed for education digital signage devices. Through research and understanding of application scenarios, they ensure excellent product performance and reliability.

Slim and Aesthetic: The slim design of the motherboard adds a sleek and visually appealing effect to the overall device, making it particularly suitable for installation in limited spaces like school corridors and classroom entrances.

Customizability: The D-series motherboard offers customers more flexibility, allowing them to customize according to their specific needs and requirements, meeting the unique demands of different schools and institutions.

Stability and Performance Assurance: As a professional motherboard, JWIPC's D-series has undergone thorough optimization and testing, ensuring its stability and reliability, effectively reducing the risk of malfunctions during prolonged operation.

Simplified Development Process: Utilizing JWIPC's D-series motherboard streamlines the development process of education digital signage, shortening the time to market and saving costs and time for customers.

JWIPC product and highlights

Motherboard Digital Display


Rockchip RK3568


7 x USB, 4 x COM

WOL, Watchdog, Timer Switch

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