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Digital Signage_ARM Platform

Market Overview

In the era of digital transformation and technological progress, the landscape of advertising and retail is evolving rapidly. Digital signage players have emerged as a pivotal response to these changes, ushering in a new era of dynamic and interactive communication. These players harness technologies like LCD displays, LED illumination, projection, and interactive touch, revolutionizing retail, transportation hubs, and public spaces. By seamlessly merging information delivery and branding, digital signage players are propelling us towards elevated, tailored experiences that align perfectly with our pursuit of excellence.

Digital Signage Solution

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of digital signage with JWIPC's remarkable D028 and D039 digital signage plays. The D028, armed with the robust RK3288 processor, boasts 4 USB interfaces and offers a dual-display extravaganza via VGA and HDMI2.0. Amidst various lighting conditions, it delivers stunning high-definition visuals with impeccable color precision.

In the heart of the D039 resides the powerful RK3399 processor, a six-core 64-bit CPU ticking at a maximum 1.8 GHz, complemented by an energy-efficient embedded low-power MCU. Its array of USB interfaces and a comprehensive Type-C interface beckon further expansion for immersive human-machine interaction. Bolstered by HDMI2.0, the D039 caters to the craving for high-definition displays. A crowning achievement, MIMO WIFI technology, endows the D039 with unparalleled wireless bandwidth efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless playback of advertising content in a spectrum of network scenarios - be it wired or wireless.

Advantages and Benefits

Unwavering Reliability in Any Climate

Journey through reliability with JWIPC's D028 and D039 digital signage players, forged meticulously through a journey of stringent material selection, design ingenuity, and rigorous testing. These stalwarts, built to industrial-grade standards, thrive unflinchingly even amidst the harshest outdoor temperatures. Encased in an enduring 128*128*30mm (H) aluminum alloy shell, they effortlessly dissipate heat, an assure to their longevity. Masterfully crafted internal structures and PCB routing by seasoned engineers encapsulate scientific precision, upholding the promise of steadfast functionality.

Firmware Integration: Crafting Development Possibilities

JWIPC has a complete ARM development system with software teams possessing various custom development capabilities. Revolutionizing conventional approaches, JWIPC introduces SPIRIT software, a groundbreaking GUI-based API calling tool that pioneers simplicity. Through SPIRIT, the Android system dances at your command, allowing the orchestration of scheduled power on/off, personalized boot animations, navigation bar settings, display effects, vigilant watchdogs, crash resilience, and more. With technical barriers crumbling, operational efficiency soars, resources are optimized, and industrial costs are tamed, ultimately nurturing unparalleled value for the discerning customer.

Centralized Publishing: Mastering Efficiency in Management

JWIPC's information publishing system heralds a new era of interaction, allowing a symphony of program elements - images, audio, video, weather, time, maps, and more - to coalesce into dynamic animations, interactive marvels, H5 games, and mesmerizing advertising video displays. Third-party apps synergize seamlessly, intensifying screen utilization, and elevating the user journey. Simplicity takes center stage as the system orchestrates a seamless ballet of operations - from one-click multimedia publishing and collective screen or group screen advertising to pre-set content and scheduled playback. Witness the epitome of efficiency and experience the zenith of dynamic management.

JWIPC product and highlights

Screen Motherboard


Based on RK3288 platform

DDR3L memory, eMMC storage

HDMI 2.0 Display, 4 USB2.0

WIFI + BT module

10/100/1000M Ethernet

Smart Class Solution


Based on RK3399 platform

LPDDR4 memory, eMMC storage

HDMI + HDMI 2.0 Display

Expandable 3 USB2.0, 1 USB3.0

Support infrared remote control

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