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High Energy Low Carbon, Green and Environmentally Friendly, JWIPC Intelligent Teams up with Intel to Release "Green PC" - Green and Energy-Efficient Commercial Computers

In today's society, the concept of "green and energy-efficient" is being advocated, leading consumers to increasingly value product characteristics such as health, radiation-free, energy efficiency, and durability. This has resulted in the emergence of eco-friendly consumer electronics like green environmental air conditioners and energy-efficient refrigerators, which have captured the attention of the public. Whether a product possesses the features of "green, low-carbon, and energy-efficient" has become a focal point for consumers.

Computers are no exception to this trend, with the introduction of "green and energy-efficient computers" in the domestic market. However, many manufacturers seem to limit the concept of "green and energy-efficient" to addressing computer radiation and reducing power consumption. Issues related to computer recycling, energy efficiency in the production process, and energy efficiency on the user end seem to fall short of the standards set for "green, low-carbon, and energy-efficient computers."

The JWIPC Green PC Unveils its Groundbreaking Release


Intel and its partners hosted a new product launch event on February 23, 2023, in the Beijing Global Trade Center, focusing on "Technological Innovation, Ecological Integration - Practicing High Energy, Low Carbon New Concepts, Building Green Commercial Computers.

JWIPC and Intel jointly shared standards and technological practices for green commercial computers. They proposed and promoted new standards for green commercial computers, covering the entire lifecycle and industry chain of commercial computers, including structural design, material selection, production manufacturing, logistics transportation, user usage, and recycling. This initiative aims to provide stronger green productivity for enterprises and industries. The event featured a live video connection to JWIPC's manufacturing center, challenging the installation of a Green PC within 1 minute, sparking enthusiastic reactions from the on-site guests.

Implementing the Innovative Concept of "Small is Efficient, Few is Optimal"

In the early stages of structural design, JWIPC's Green PC follows the innovative concept of "Small is Efficient," optimizing the overall machine structure. It incorporates a motherboard, codenamed "Wutong," designed in collaboration with Intel. Compared to traditional motherboards, it reduces the motherboard's footprint inside the chassis by 36% and simultaneously decreases the overall material usage of the motherboard.


The entire system is equipped with the Intel® 12th Gen Core™ H45 high-voltage mobile processor, leveraging the platform's advanced power-saving features to achieve a lower 45W TDP power consumption, further reducing the device's carbon emissions.

Combining wireless cable design with the use of a small-sized ATX 12VO efficient power supply module achieves a dual improvement in power efficiency.


The concept of "Few is Optimal" realizes the energy-saving and environmentally friendly idea of "creating a low-carbon design and bidding farewell to redundant components." The entire system utilizes a single-fan cooling system, ensuring performance while significantly reducing the number of screws in the entire machine. It achieves tool-free installation of the chassis, aiming for a more optimized and integrated low-carbon design.

Adhering to the Concept of "Environmentally Friendly Materials, Green Assembly" for Recyclability


Green PC has undergone a redesign of its entire product line, from the whole machine to packaging components. This design solution utilizes over 95% recycled paper and water-based ink printing for packaging. It fundamentally eliminates common plastic bags and protective films found in computer packaging, while still ensuring robust shock resistance and protection for the packaged products. The modular design makes the whole machine easy to disassemble for maintenance, and components can be reused. The motherboard PCB is made of biodegradable material using copper plating technology, achieving a maximum recyclability rate of 95%, significantly improving the efficiency of component material recycling, collectively contributing to a low-carbon future.

Adhering to the Application Performance Concept of "High Energy, Low Carbon"

Intel has customized a set of low-carbon software solutions for Green PC, allowing for active and intelligent carbon emission adjustment based on the load. When users leave the computer, the software, through the body sensor integrated into the monitor, senses and enters a low-power mode. Users can also actively set a low-carbon operating mode in the software and real-time monitoring of Green PC's power consumption. The software includes features such as daily check-ins, interactive games, and low-carbon guides to encourage users to pay attention to and use low-carbon modes. It can also aggregate and present weekly and monthly energy-saving data, allowing users to intuitively feel the ultimate optimization of PC performance and power consumption.

Green Products, intelligent Green Choices

JWIPC also emphasizes green environmental protection in the production process. Its manufacturing center is equipped with various new machines, such as automatic first-piece testing equipment that eliminates the need for printing BOM (Bill of Materials) and completes data organization through electronic files. The laser engraving machine eliminates the use of label paper, and the nitrogen reflow soldering process ensures internal circulation filtering with no pollution, safeguarding the entire green manufacturing process.


By optimizing logistics routes, centralizing distribution and transport, container optimization, and delivery route optimization, measures have been taken to reduce the frequency of logistics transportation, thereby lowering carbon emissions. Auxiliary materials used in production, such as solder paste, tin bars, and flux, are all environmentally friendly materials, effectively reducing harm to the environment and human health.

The factory minimizes pollution and noise to surface water, air quality, and the living environment in production and business activities. Through continuous improvement, it meets the control requirements of the environmental label product guarantee system. The company selects companies with qualifications for waste recycling to specialize in the recovery and treatment of solid waste, with 10% of the waste transported to waste treatment plants for processing. Exhaust gas purification equipment is installed to filter and purify exhaust gases, ensuring that the discharged exhaust gases meet national standards.

Energy Conservation, environmental Protection, and a Low-carbon Lifestyle

As a pioneer in the smart internet of things industry, JWIPC consistently translates its principles into action. Through digitized and intelligent technological innovations, it serves as a trailblazer and enabler in the low-carbon environmental protection realm. While undertaking social responsibility, it collaborates with various industries to jointly promote the sustainable development of China's new economy, fulfilling commitments to sustainable development, and safeguarding nature and ecology. By advocating the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, from large enterprises to small households or individuals, it contributes within its capacity to support the country's energy conservation and emission reduction strategies.

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