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JWIPC communication business, laying a solid foundation for intelligent connection for the industry

The rapid development of 5G, cloud computing, mobile office, SDN, the Internet of Things, etc., and the data flood brought by diversified digital applications also pose great challenges to the bandwidth, stability, and security of data center networks and smart campus networks. According to IDC data, the 2021Q2 global Ethernet switch market revenue is $7.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10.8%. The side reflects the growing demand for network scale and data transmission in the digital transformation of various industries. Among them, industries such as government affairs, urban construction, cloud computing, education, and industry have become the main industries that drive the growth of the network market.

Government Affairs

With the development of digital government, more and more cities have improved the efficiency of government services by improving the level of e-government services. The popularization of cloud services such as desktop cloud and window real-time services, and the continuous upgrade of application experience have put forward higher requirements for network communication capabilities, driving the upgrading of government extranet office business systems. The system needs to be more reliable, secure, and robust. network facilities.

Urban Construction

The accelerated promotion of "new infrastructure" and the massive construction of video services such as urban surveillance management and traffic management have brought greater challenges to data transmission. The iteration of the local area network switch system is also imminent, and stable and efficient network data transmission is the basis for ensuring the stable construction of the city.

Cloud Computing

The surge in the number of Internet-connected devices, the increase in data traffic on mobile terminals and Internet applications, and the surge in new and high-definition videos have led to explosive growth in the data generated every year around the world. Traditional network equipment has gradually been unable to meet the demand. The rapid replacement and upgrading of the speed have become inevitable.


Building a reasonable and effective network architecture is the basis for realizing educational informatization. From "school-school-connection" to "class-class-connection", the Internet has entered the campus and covered schools at all levels; it has entered the class and realized the interconnection of various terminals. Efficient data transmission and communication constitute a smart learning support environment centered on dynamic learning data analysis.

JWIPC Network Communication

JWIPC communication business is committed to becoming a leader in the design of communication hardware,like local area network switch and new infrastructure products, providing industry customers with cost-effective communication hardware and 5G industrial IoT overall solutions.

JWIPC innovativey integrates 5G technology with edge computing and industrial IoT communication technology to build an edge computing IoT gateway platform for smart city, energy security, and Industry 4.0 applications, and provides users with 5G, WiFi, low-power Internet of Things (IoT) and low-latency and high-reliability industrial wired networks have multi-network coverage, breaking through the boundaries of traditional communications, achieving extensive terminal access, massive data computing and transmission; edge computing, network slicing and other technologies Application scenarios to help industries realize digital transformation.

JWIPC Communication Products

JWIPC Communication Division has established R&D centers in Wuhan and Shenzhen. The communication R&D center area is equipped with complete development testing equipment and a switch testing laboratory. The product development has also expanded from traditional L2 and L3 switch network hardware products to wireless, edge computing gateways, SDWAN, industrial data acquisition and computing gateways (industrial-grade IoT), etc.

At present, JWIPC's intelligent communication solutions have been widely used in smart cities, industry 4.0, and other fields, showing excellent technical standards and leading advantages in the industrial system. In the future, JWIPC will continue to provide customers with multiple switch network hardware, end-to-end smart hardware overall solutions with innovative technology and excellent quality and strive to become the most trusted partner for customer product innovation and hyper-converged communication business.

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