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Digital Signage_X86 Platform

Digital signage is more prevalent and diversified than ever before in public and private sectors with the nonstop operation. Digital signage could be seen in supermarkets, restaurants, transportation centers, retail stores, medical buildings, and many more. JWIPC, as digital signage solution providers, its total digital signage solution is an excellent platform to manage and broadcast visual and audio content effectively to provide visitors with information, entertainment, and a variety of other content. JWIPC offers three product series of digital signage solutions, ensuring that your application need can be met.

Why Choose Advertising Player JWIPC K065

Professional advertising player JWIPC K065 can be effectively used for marketing and promotional purposes. You may connect this digital signage player for commercial video and audio to any monitor, TV, or advertising display with AV or HDMI input. This kind of smart digital signage systems will show a promotional video with sound in automatic mode. K065 ad player box is specially designed for promotional and information systems, therefore, it has all the right options: automatic video or slideshow start playing in the moment of switching on, playlist auto-repeat, play with flashcards, restarting after a power outage. 

Advantages of Advertising Player JWIPC K065

The videos are read from the memory card SD, SDHC, or USB flash. Can use with an external USB hard disk. This model supports PAL and NTSC standard video quality (SD). For the same player with Full HD support please check K065. There are also devices with control via LAN and Internet, which are called Network Digital Signage players. But K065 is the easiest to use and the cheapest ad player of all models.

To demonstrate the data on the multiple displays that are close to each other, you may use this advertising player and video splitter. The use of K065 is extremely wide – from displays in cafes and metro stations to business centers and cinemas. K065 is the best device for your digital signage needs!

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