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iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

Market Context of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution
Key Trends
Key Trends
  • Cloud-enabled remote applications are being applied to education, with the proliferation of big data storage and analysis enabling transnational and off-site teaching;

  • IWBs and remote learning environments are becoming the standard in regions like Turkey and China, and are being adopted worldwide.

Business Drivers
Business Drivers
  • Estimated earnings of 30M RMB/year in China's primary and secondary schools, with an estimated market capacity of 2,000 units/year1;

  • Estimated earnings of 20 million RMB/ year for transnational education, with an estimated marketing capacity of 1500 units/year2;

  • 2018 Forecast of 2,000 units with an expected annual income of 60M RMB3.

Sales Opportunity
Sales Opportunity

Intel Sellers

  • Drive sales volume of high-end Intel platforms;

  • Enable follow-on sales opportunities through related use cases in security and campus monitoring.

Channel Partner Sellers

  • SIs can add their proprietary software to increase solution capabilities;

  • OEMs can sell additional hardware, such as smart cameras, into the solution, taking advantage of the open, flexible platform.

JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution Overview

Meet the demand for high-quality, online education with an interactive video solution that enhances classroom experiences expands learning opportunities, and eases the administrative burden.

jwipc ilearn interactive remote class solution

Key Capabilities and Features of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

  • Enable classroom recording, live broadcasting, and remote real-time communication

  • Record and upload to the cloud platform automatically or based on preset configurations

  • Create holistic online videos and broadcasts with multiple video streams

  • Profile student and teacher performance using big data and AI analytics

Business Outcomes of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

Enhance Classroom Experiences
Enhance Classroom Experiences

with interactive learning environments that improve student outcomes

Expand Learning Opportunities
Expand Learning Opportunities

by enabling learning at any time, anywhere, to reach more students

Ease Administrative Burden
Ease Administrative Burden

with simplified solution management that optimizes teaching time

Key Use Cases of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

Make courseware readily available to students and parents on an online server
iot hardware devices
Record an entire course with multiple angles, high-quality audio and video, and programmable effects
iot hardware devices
Interact in real-time with remote students through an interactive whiteboard and software
iot hardware devices
Intelligently direct recordings and broadcasts and automatically upload to the cloud
iot hardware devices

Ordering Information of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

Ordering Information of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

Ordering information

Order through SI or Distributor partners, or direct through J&W IPC.

Hardware SKUs:

  • 4U24Bay High-performance storage server

  • A touchable electronic whiteboard, R8 Recording, and Broadcasting Host - R8-042HR

  • Student Panoramic Camera - JC200

  • Binocular Pan-tilt Tracking Machine - JC100

  • Omni Pickup - MC100

  • Software list: platform, recording and broadcasting, tracking, and interactive software

Case Study of JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution

In partnership with CKDZ Video Display, the J&W IPC iLearn solution was implemented across a Zhejiang province school district. The solution enabled the schools to…

  • Facilitate an interactive digital learning environment

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Scale existing teaching resources to offset disparities at low-resource schools

Hardware Introducation of Storage Server

  • Industrial-grade reliability, 1U rackmount server

  • Intel Haswell processors with Intel CoreTM processor

  • Intel high-performance C226 server chipset

  • 2 x mSATA3.0, 4 x 3.5’ SATAIII HD, support Raid0, 1, 5, 10

  • Integrated high-definition display and video transcoding with integrated next-generation Intel® HD graphics engine

  • Support Intel AMT9.0 for remote management

  • Flexible expansion; hardware dongle support

Hardware Introducation of Recording, and Broadcasting Host

  • Intel OPS-C Plus Standard Module

  • Intel 11400/10400/10100/9400/8400/8100 CPU

  • Intel  H510/H410/H310C/H110/Q170 Chipset

  • Support 4 x HD1080P video input

  • Support 1 x HDMI/VGA input, 3 x 3G/HD-SDI input

  • Support 2 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0, 3 x COM

  • Built-in Dual OS system to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment

  • Size: 195(L) x 180(W) x 42(H) mm