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JWIPC Industrial Motherboard Applied in Photovoltaic Energy Industry

Background of Industrial Motherboard in Photovoltaic Energy Industry

In order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, customers hope to find suitable suppliers to provide high-quality machine vision solutions. It can realize fully automatic optical inspection with comprehensive performance and price.

Requirement of Industrial Motherboard

The overall consideration of operating system compatibility, computing efficiency, stability and reliability, the number of connected peripherals, and the combination of software and hardware can achieve 7 x 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

  • For actual detection, measurement, and control, it requires fast speed, a large amount of information, and multiple functions.

  • Use machine vision technology to replace labor, improve production efficiency and product quality, and change the shortcomings of traditional manual visual inspection methods that are easy to miss, time-consuming, slow, and high cost.

  • Physical environment, temperature, dustproof, communication security, remote monitoring, and other requirements

  • Algorithms have higher requirements on computing power and storage speed

Industrial Motherboard Deployed

JWIPC AIoT0-C236 Industrial Motherboard

  • Multi-CPU optional + 64GB memory to meet computing performance requirements

  • Independent three displays, fully meet the needs of multi-screen, improve the convenience of later debugging and maintenance

  • Rich I/O, compatible with a variety of peripherals, identity card readers, QR codes, cameras, printers, etc., to meet individual needs

  • Multi-OS support to help customers smoothly migrate existing solutions and reduce secondary development costs

  • Support GPU card

Industrial Motherboard

Key Benefits of Industrial Motherboard

  • Industrial quality: Industrial-grade port protection blocks static electricity and surges, effectively protect the core of the system to be stable and reliable

  • Adopt industrial-grade interface communication chip and Intel network chip to ensure high-speed and stable data transmission.

  • Machine vision requirements: support dual GPU card artificial intelligence and machine vision applications, LAN PCI slot network card

  • Efficient service: price + supply cycle, original factory, local enterprise, providing fast service response.

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