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IoT Security Monitoring

In order to build a harmonious society and a safe city, the state has continuously promoted the construction of smart cities and safe cities and pushed forward the construction of "safe cities" in depth. The system construction has been deployed from large and medium-sized cities to districts, counties, and towns in-depth, which has brought incremental public safety needs. As the core component of "Safe City" construction, a sound security system is an important guarantee for urban public safety. After the outbreak of this epidemic, it has also become the main data source and an important means of prevention and control of major national events. Zhiwei Intelligent has expanded the security market for nearly ten years, and its video surveillance products have been continuously improved. It actively deployed safe and accessible product lines and made use of the integration of edge computing and artificial intelligence technologies to promote the development of the security industry.

Video Surveillance

In China's security system, the video surveillance market keeps a trend of continuous expansion. It is estimated that the scale of China's video surveillance market will reach 300 billion yuan in 2021. In addition, the integration of artificial intelligence, 5G, and other new technologies will also inject infinite potential into the innovation of video surveillance systems. In the process of using license plate recognition, face recognition, object recognition, character recognition, and other technologies, the video surveillance system has been repeatedly updated. Among many systems in the security market, the video surveillance system has always occupied a large market share.


JWIPC Video Team, using Rockchip's latest video chip, is about to launch a 38*38mm IPC module product line: it supports different resolutions such as 1080P and 4K, with clear and delicate images; Supports 2D/3D noise reduction, multi-format video compression, and ultra-low bit rate; ONVIF protocol is supported, and it can be connected to third-party backend and platform. Provide the SDK of WEB side and algorithms such as face recognition.

POE Switchboard

JWIPC Communication Team has launched a number of series of POE switch products, including a high-power 90W power supply series, 100M high-security management series, and Gigabit high-speed ultra-long distance series. Each series has 8 ports to 24 ports and other models, which support different types of IPC access.

Video Storage Device

JWIPC Video Team will supplement the embedded NVR product line on the basis of the existing X86 NVR business, covering the whole line from small disk to multi-disk. For the 1/2/4/8 panel market, the embedded NVR products with ARM architecture will be introduced. For the 16/24/36 and above market, the NVR based on the Intel CORE platform will be further upgraded, which will integrate the POE network port and TVI/AHD modular interface board, and launch a new X86 NVR product line. All NVR products have AI computing power.

Video Decoding Equipment

JWIPC Video Team continues to optimize the video decoding scheme of the Intel CORE platform +AMD multi-graphics card, and the 4/6/9/12 display decoding scheme is upgraded to the latest Intel 8/9 generation desktop CORE platform, and at the same time, it is actively deploying embedded decoding products.

Video Management Equipment

JWIPC Server Team, based on C226, C236, and C246 chipsets, launched a variety of 1U servers for video platform management. The product provides an IPMI interface, which can intelligently monitor, control, and automatically report the operation status of a large number of servers, so as to reduce the server system cost.

Video Analysis Equipment

JWIPC Video Team has launched a variety of video analysis devices on the edge side and in the cloud, including products such as AI BOX and GPU server, which are used for AI identification and analysis related to people and cars. The ai products include the Intel Core U+ multi-channel Movidius Myriad X VPU accelerator card and Rockchip RK3399+ multi-channel RK1808 accelerator card. GPU includes 1U high 2*MXM graphics card and 1*PCIE16X graphics card product line, 2U dual-channel E5 2*GPU product line, and 4U dual-channel E5 4-8 GPU product line.

Smart Access

The access system launched by JWIPC and its partners is based on the video, with people and cars as the core objectives, and AI intelligent technology is applied to the pedestrian access control system and garage parking lot so that the access system is further innovated. During the epidemic, an intelligent traffic system has become an important and efficient technical means for accurate epidemic prevention of big data. Face recognition access control system has the advantages of high accuracy, stability, and expansibility, which can realize multi-system linkage, improve the internal safety factor, and make people's access data manageable. The license plate recognition system can capture and recognize vehicles entering and leaving, realize parking billing/payment, facilitate public safety management, assist smart city planning and improve the credit system.

Pedestrian System

JWIPC Video Team will launch module products for the popular market of face recognition. The module adopts an embedded dedicated video chip, which is specially launched for the markets of the gate, access display terminal, visitor terminal, access control attendance, and intelligent door lock, and provides WEB SDK and algorithm SDK of face recognition.

Car Dealership System

JWIPC Video Team has launched module products for vehicle traffic and management. The module also uses the latest embedded video chips for intelligent parking lots, ETC, and traffic flow control. Similarly, Zhiwei Intelligent also provides website software and algorithm SDK for license plate recognition and vehicle attributes.

With the arrival of the 5G+AI era, the security industry has been developing continuously, and the innovation of hardware architecture has also entered a golden period of development. JWIPC has actively invested in and served the public security construction of smart cities, and has developed a series of applications of driving new technologies in various fields of security video surveillance and safe passage together with partners, redefining and empowering security!

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