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M3 Video Conference System/Meeting Bar

All-in-One Video Conference System

Innovate & enhance the effect of office work

JWIPC M3 Meeting Bar integrates Wireless Projection, Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Microphone and USB webcam function. We provide solutions to content projection, voice and video conferencing, covering all basis of your meeting needs. Connect to a TV or a Project, the Meeting Bar can quickly and effortlessly transform a traditional meeting room into a video conference.

  • 120° Field of View

  • 8.5MP

  • 6-element Microphone

  • 2 x 5W Hi-Fi Speaker

  • Automatic Tracking

  • Wireless Projection

Multiple Wireless Projection Methods

Screen projection: simply plug in and use.
Projection protocols: JWIPC terminal devices have in-built protocols.

Remote projection: control the projections from afar by scanning a code with your phone.

Voice Conferencing (Recording Studio Quality)

Connect the terminal device via Bluetooth, and switch to the six-element microphone and eight-meter high-quality sound pick-up with one simple tap to enjoy accurate capture of voices far and near. Exceptional voice amplification is achieved with two 5W Hi-Fi Speaker units; All In One conference system's strong stereo effect presents realistic human voices well, giving you a high-quality voice conference experience.

HD Video Conference Experience

Get the full view of your meeting side with the 120° wide-angle SONY HD camera. Your thoughts and emotions are also accurately conveyed through the 4K FHD source output. With a variety of resolutions to choose from, our meeting bar can effortlessly match your setup to present the best quality images.

Wireless Meetings Unlock Endless Possibilities

Get the full experience of a meeting and be free of the restraints of wires with the in-built wireless webcam, microphone, and speaker. The device provides full view and long-distance sound pickup, and together with the two 5W Hi-Fi Speakers, communicate without obstructions. The controller can enable screen-casting with one simple click. Participants are also provided with real-time privacy protection through microphone and volume control options along with the webcam privacy cover, further enabling easy and comfortable communications on your terms.

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