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JWIPC Multimedia Digital Signage Application Scenario

Background of Multimedia Digital Signage

The traditional digital signage equipment in retail stores is difficult to install, difficult to maintain and upgrade, and requires manual supervision and manual processing, which is time-consuming and costly. The overall operation interface is not friendly, and the fluency and experience also need to be strengthened.

Requirement  of Multimedia Digital Signage

  • Simple installation, remote control for maintenance and upgrades

  • Enhanced performance, and high-definition display, can achieve smoother advertising playback

  • More interaction and information collection functions can be completed

  • Use terminal data collection to achieve more intelligent marketing

Multimedia Digital Signage Deployed


  • Intel OPS standard module

  • Supports Intel 11th Gen Mobile processor

  • Dual channel DDR4 Memory

  • 2 x M.2 2280/2242 SSD slot

  • 8 x USB2.0/3.1/USB Type-C

  • M.2 2230 WIFI/BT slot, support CNVi module

  • M.2 3042 slot, support 4G module

  • Displays: 1 x HDMI2.0, 1 x HDMI(80pin),1 xDP1.2

  • Support Intel vPro/AMT

  • Support TPM2.0

Multimedia Digital Signage

Key Benefits of Multimedia Digital Signage

  • Standard modular design, easy to install and maintain

  • Rich interface, can support more peripheral expansion

  • Support HDMI, DP multi-channel high-definition display output

  • Advanced technologies such as vPro, TPM

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