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Recording & Broadcasting Solution

Recording & Broadcasting online schooling is the most commonly used alternative to traditional schooling today, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19. People learn, work, communicate, and negotiate online without difficulties due to the advanced technological solutions. There are several online videos and audio conferencing tools allowing people to meet each other from different corners of the world.

Market Challenges and Opportunities of JWIPC Recording & Braodcasting Solution

Online education has its unique pros and cons. Let us mention just a few of them to save time. So it's right that:

  • online education lacks human real interaction,

  • technical problems may be unavoidable sometimes during conferencing,

  • working so much with computers or mobile devices can affect your health as well,

  • students can be distracted easily if the materials shown are not engaging, (a must-read)

  • Eye contact is missing, etc.


  • online education saves time,

  • you can meet from every venue,

  • Smart class digital teaching system saves finances,

  • allows various technological solutions to make learning easier,

  • you can turn on/off your video, or switch on/off your microphone to avoid a mess in the virtual classroom,

  • you can take more breaks, etc.

Solution Overview of JWIPC Recording & Braodcasting Solution

Recording & Broadcasting classrooms use an educational whiteboard large-screen as a display terminal, combine audio and video synchronization transmission technology, and connect classes of different areas by network communication so as to realize excellent teachers give classes and achieve the balanced development of dominant education. The smart class system integrates audio and video interactive technology, an intelligent recording system, and the latest intelligent hardware of audio and video to create a multi-class teaching environment and make full use of multimedia information teaching equipment. Meanwhile, the smart education system enriches teaching methods and improves teaching quality.

Management Platform of JWIPC Recording & Braodcasting Solution

Three independent platforms, free configuration

JWIPC has created three independent resource platforms with complete functions: resource application management platform, audio/video interaction platform and lesson appointment platform, which can realize rich functions such as management from the school side.

Multiple ways to create/join classes

1. Contact management:

2. Set the course number or QR code

Multi-segment live, on-demand

Simple and fast post-processing

The platform supports file segmentation technology

Support real-time subtitle insertion

Support a variety of split-screen effects

Support a variety of special effects switching

Automatically generate opening and closing credits

Flexible Remote Director Technology

Support 5 video channels barrier-free director switch director control

Solution Advantage of JWIPC Recording & Braodcasting Solution

Easy to use and maintain

No additional configuration required, access to the display, instant operation, support for hardware watchdog, automatic reset for soft faults.

Hybrid deployment of public and private clouds

Public-private mix, flexible and convenient, automatic scheduling of application routing directions, saving traffic and reducing usage costs.

Multi-level deployment, nearby classes

Support the multi-level deployment between the Municipal Education Bureau, District Education Bureau, and schools, and automatically select the nearest route to form an interactive classroom according to the participants.

Network adaptation

Adaptively change the transport code stream to output optimized image quality.

Strong anti-interference, against network fluctuations.

Audio and video synchronous transmission, low latency, noise reduction, and echo suppression functions, smooth and clear, to ensure the quality of listening.

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