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JWIPC Returns to BETT UK, Driving New Developments in Educational Scenes with Innovation

On March 29, local time in the UK, the three-day international education technology and equipment exhibition BETT UK officially kicked off at the ExCeL London exhibition hall. This exhibition ushered in an unprecedented wave, with more than 30,000 visitors from 123+ countries gathering together to explore the changes and developments in the global education industry. Over 600 educational technology companies exhibited and showcased new technologies and released new products.


JWIPC once again appeared at BETT, showcasing their product line for education and office, such as OPS modules, mini PCs, tablets, all-in-one machines, and multimedia terminals, as well as remote education solutions. With leading audio-visual technology and multimedia technology, WMI is facilitating the intelligent development of the education field.


Interactive teaching is the cornerstone of personalized education.

OPS module series



As the promoter and leader of the OPS standard, at this exhibition, JWIPC not only showcased its previous best-selling products, but also brought new products based on the new 12th generation Alder Lake platform OPS and OPS-C standards.

Multi-functional terminals for efficient and varied usage

Mini PCs


Based on different chip platforms, JWIPC has launched a series of mini PC products, including L-series, N-series, H-series, T-series, Z-series, and C-series, which cover high-performance, low-functionality, multi-functionality, strong extension, and other different performance and specification terminals. They meet the needs of different scenarios, such as information classrooms, studios, libraries, laboratories, campus offices, and student terminals.

All-in-one machines & tablets

To improve the quality of teaching and introduce more intelligent products to education, JWIPC has launched the latest all-in-one machines and tablet computer products.



Wireless and remote collaboration

Remote Education + Intelligent Meeting Solutions


JWIPC's M3+S2 intelligent audio-visual meeting system includes the M3 audio-visual conference integrated machine and the S2 wireless projection controller.

It effectively solves the disadvantages of complex traditional meeting deployment and data sharing, poor conference data sharing effects, and incomplete video presentation.

It can be used in various education scenarios, such as video teaching and communication between different schools, remote teaching, daily meetings, and training.

One machine, multiple uses, maximum value

Live streaming education + Education seminar solution


Based on Intel Tiger Lake-U platform, JWIPC's M2 video conference/live streaming host is developed with a multifunctional integrated design. In addition, with the application of high-performance, high-expansion, and high-speed network transmission technologies, it can easily help traditional large conference rooms quickly transform into intelligent ones, suitable for large-scale education seminars, teaching sharing, and work summaries, and other conference scenarios.

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