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Smart Class Solution

Nowadays, education is walking with technology hand in hand. Tech development is dependent on education, and the other way around. 

Digital learning is here to stay

Teachers are using more edtech now than before the pandemic, they’re satisfied with the digital resources they have access to, and they'll keep all or most of the new tools they've adopted.

teachers need a place at the table

The growing importance of teachers in edtech decision-making cannot be underestimated. Not only do teachers provide a first-hand perspective of what tools work and don’t work for their students, but those who are more involved in the decisions are more likely to be satisfied with the tools. Bringing teachers to the table may be the key to more informed, more practical edtech decisions. 

Device oversight trumps trust

As more schools shift to 1:1 learning environments, and more devices go home with students of all ages, districts are figuring out how to balance trust and oversight. Greater access has necessitated the use of tools that monitor student activity online. Though these tools raise privacy concerns, both teachers and administrators say, on the scale from trust to oversight, they’d lean toward oversight—especially for middle schoolers.

Solution Overview of JWIPC Smart Class Solution

JWIPC interactive whiteboard products are based on Intel OPS standard modular design. OPS enables more cost-effective design, deployment, and management of display solutions. Using the OPS standard, JWIPC greatly improves the stability and usability of the interactive whiteboard while reducing the connection lines and space occupied by the interactive whiteboard, and provides simpler and faster installation, operation, and maintenance.

JWIPC interactive tablet and cloud terminal, relying on rich product forms, promote classroom network teaching, help classrooms achieve more centralized, flexible and safer teaching and management, and create a more personalized learning mode.

The JWIPC class table is based on a multimedia integrated management platform. Based on the technology of information release, it integrates educational management tools to provide intelligent solutions for students' daily management, course management, cultural construction, attendance, and class management.

Solution Advantage of JWIPC Smart Class Solution

Improve educational efficiency

JWIPC smart education solution has excellent data processing and data analysis capabilities, which can support a wide range of loads from the cloud to the terminal, and collect, process, and perceive data more efficiently. It can not only provide support for current educational applications but also meet educational applications. Demand for an extension to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.

Facilitate Personalized Education

With JWIPC educational equipment, more personalized learning is possible. Through the management of equipment and data analysis, schools and teachers can accurately grasp the learning situation, progress, personality, and aptitude of each student, so as to formulate corresponding training plans.

Promote the rebalancing of educational resources

The JWIPC smart education solution can promote the interaction and distribution of educational resources in various schools and regions through a widely connected IoT platform. It helps to expose more teachers and students to a higher level of teaching.

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