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JWIPC Teams Up with Intel to Unveil Green AI All-in-One

Climate change stands as one of the most pressing challenges of our time. The persistent rise in global average temperatures and the escalating frequency and intensity of extreme weather events present significant threats to the global ecosystem, socioeconomic structures, and human welfare. In line with the Paris Agreement's objectives of limiting global temperature increase to below 2°C, preferably 1.5°C, nations increasingly recognize the imperative of achieving carbon neutrality—balancing anthropogenic carbon emissions with natural absorption or artificial means—to realize these goals and alleviate the adverse impacts of climate change.

To date, over 150 nations have pledged carbon neutrality commitments and have enacted targeted policies and measures to translate these commitments into measurable carbon reduction outcomes. In this context, the actual progress toward carbon neutrality across different nations garners considerable attention.

On May 30, 2024, Intel, in collaboration with JWIPC and other partners in sustainable computing, jointly hosted a major product launch event centered on the theme "Green, Health, and AI.


During the event, Intel and JWIPC introduced a groundbreaking form of green computing that embodies their shared commitment to sustainability: the "GREEN AIO GAA01" All-in-One product. This innovative product seamlessly integrates AI, sustainability, and health considerations into its design. Notably, JWIPC holds the distinction of being the first Chinese company to receive the prestigious "Green Sustainable Development Computer Certification" from the “China Electronics Society” and the “National Institute of Metrology”. This achievement not only underscores the company's pioneering role in green technology but also reaffirms its unwavering dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable development. Furthermore, it enhances the company's competitiveness within the industry while reaffirming its resolve and responsibility to foster a healthy and sustainable computer industry ecosystem.


Integrated Design for Green and Efficient Operation

The JWIPC GREEN AIO GAA01 boasts an integrated design encompassing the main unit, monitor, and magnetic camera. The main unit showcases a sleek columnar design with a full-silver metal body, exuding premium aesthetics and robust durability. Internally, the motherboard circuitry is meticulously crafted with high-efficiency solutions, ensuring potent performance while minimizing energy consumption. Employing a single-fan heat spreader design supports up to 65W of high-performance output, guaranteeing optimal performance while drastically reducing the number of screws, resulting in a more streamlined and low-carbon integrated design.

The GREEN AIO GAA01's motherboard PCB utilizes biodegradable materials, incorporating degradable copper-clad laminate technology. Under acidic conditions, the thermosetting resin can degrade within eight hours of heating at normal pressure, achieving up to 95% recycling efficiency. This innovative approach addresses the issue of traditional non-recyclable and non-degradable PC motherboards. Integrating all I/O interfaces directly onto the motherboard significantly reduces the need for various connecting cables compared to traditional PC motherboards, simplifying the device layout and minimizing the risk of faults.


The monitor features a custom QHD 2K green recyclable screen, delivering crisp and detailed image display while prioritizing environmental sustainability throughout manufacturing and usage. Through low energy consumption technology and minimized use of harmful substances, it facilitates efficient material recycling and diminishes the environmental impact of electronic waste. The magnetic HD camera boasts 5 megapixels, accompanied by a 4-microphone array and built-in audio algorithms supporting noise reduction, echo cancellation, and reverberation.

Moreover, the product supports the PD3.1 fast-charging protocol and is bundled with a high-efficiency 140W GaN charger. With a conversion rate exceeding 92%, the charger ensures swift and efficient power supply, while its compact and portable design enables convenient portability, providing continuous power support to smartphones, tablets, and other smart 3C devices on the go.

Advanced AI Engine for Seamless Operation

The JWIPC GREEN AIO is powered by Intel's cutting-edge Ultra series platform processors, offering a range of options including the Intel Ultra7 165H/155H or Ultra5 135H/125H processors. Leveraging a 3D high-performance hybrid architecture and Intel's advanced 4-process technology, it delivers up to 34 TOPS of AI computing power. With magnetic camera technology integrated, it enables various AI-driven applications such as video conferencing enhancements like beautification, background blur, and noise reduction, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. Furthermore, the product boasts ultra-high-frequency So-DDR5 memory, ensuring swifter and more stable data throughput, catering to users' needs for efficient data processing across diverse scenarios.


A standout feature is the intelligent synergy between the JWIPC AI Control Center and the integrated optical sensors within the display. This integration not only facilitates regular computing tasks but also offers health monitoring capabilities. Real-time tracking of heart rate and breathing rate, coupled with in-depth index analysis, provides comprehensive protection for users' physical and mental well-being.

Green Management for Enhanced Sustainable Development

The GREEN series introduces a tailored low-carbon software solution capable of dynamically adjusting carbon emission strategies in response to real-time system loads, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. Equipped with the newly upgraded Low-Carbon Software 2.0, the GREEN AIO boasts enhanced functionalities and notable strides in environmental sustainability. To accommodate diverse user preferences, the GREEN series offers two software versions: Personal and Business. The Personal version emphasizes enjoyment and interactivity, allowing users to immerse themselves in the allure of green technology. Meanwhile, the Business version prioritizes professionalism and efficiency, ensuring seamless and effective task execution for corporate users.


Furthermore, the GREEN series software showcases exceptional intelligent features. Integrated radar sensors within the monitor enable automatic screen activation when users are present, enhancing user convenience. In instances where users are absent for more than one minute, the software detects this and initiates screen deactivation, transitioning into low-power mode to further minimize energy consumption. This promotes a genuinely low-carbon lifestyle.

Embracing Sustainable Business Practices

Drawing upon our exceptional manufacturing capabilities, we are steadfast in our commitment to minimizing pollution to surface water, maintaining air quality, preserving ecological balance, and reducing noise interference across our production operations. Acknowledging the paramount importance of environmental stewardship, we continuously pursue enhancements to fully align with the Environmental Labeling Product Assurance System's stringent requirements. In managing waste, we meticulously engage qualified professional entities for the recycling and processing of solid waste.

To optimize resource utilization, we allocate 10% of our waste to specialized treatment facilities for efficient processing. Moreover, to uphold air quality standards, we have implemented state-of-the-art exhaust gas purification equipment to meticulously filter and cleanse emissions generated during manufacturing. This ensures that all discharged gases meticulously adhere to national standards, contributing significantly to the enhancement of our ecological milieu.

Introducing the GREEN AIO GAA01, a remarkable addition to the esteemed GREEN series, which seamlessly integrates AI technology, infusing PCs with a rejuvenated essence of "AI-defined software and hardware." Leveraging cutting-edge AI advancements, this innovation harmoniously melds software and hardware elements to deliver an unparalleled user experience. With its intelligently crafted interaction design, it elevates work efficiency while offering a plethora of rich and practical features to cater to diverse needs.

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