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K065F Digital Signage Player Applied to the Supermarket Cashier System

Background of K065F Digital Signage Player Applied to the Supermarket Cashier System

At present, many supermarkets still use traditional POS equipment, which has simple functions like card swiping and code scanning. And it is not compatible with other systems in the entire store, it needs to be equipped with a separate management system, and there is no way to integrate the application with the complete data of other systems. Therefore, supermarket stores urgently need a more intelligent POS device.

Requirement of K065F Digital Signage Player

The new smart POS device is compatible with more functions, supports dual screens, displays cashier information on one side, and can play advertisements on the other side. The rich interface can expand more peripherals. The device has strong compatibility and can better access the store management system. The data is uploaded in real-time, and the data collection and statistical analysis are automatically completed. A separate device can also complete remote control management, commodity management, order management, store management, and membership management.

K065F Digital Signage Player Deployed

  • Intel® 10th Gen Comet Lake-U

  • Dual SO-DIMM DDR4 Memory

  • 6 x USB3.0, Dual 1000M LAN

  • Support Vpro/AMT

  • Support Mini PCIe 3G/4G Module

  • Support M.2 WiFi Module

  • Three display:2 HDMI+DP Display

K065F Digital Signage Player

Key Benefits of K065F Digital Signage Player 

  • Support three-channel 4K display, meet dual-screen display of POS equipment

  • Support dual Gigabit network to protect data security

  • Rich interfaces to meet expansion needs

  • vPro/AMT technology for remote management

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