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M2M Vending Machine Networking

Marketing Overview

The vending machine market has experienced significant growth and transformation in recent years, driven by advancements in technology, changing consumer preferences, and increasing demand for convenient and automated retail solutions. In the past, vending machines only accepted cash and provided basic items like beverages, snacks, and tickets. However, with the integration of networking abilities, these machines have become more sophisticated and versatile.

Advancements in payment systems and connectivity have revolutionized the vending machine industry.  Modern vending machines now offer various payment options beyond cash.     Cashless payment options, such as mobile payments and credit cards, have become commonplace, offering convenience and security to consumers.  The IP Surveillance systems provide enhanced security for vending machine installations to contributes a safer and more secure environment for both the vending machines and customers.

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

An industrial compact unmanaged PoE Ethernet switch can be integrated to a vending machine for the purpose of expanding the number of Ethernet ports, provide data transmission and power supply to an IP camera at the same time, and allowing other embedded devices with the machine to interconnect and communicate on the same network.  By utilizing the switch, the vending machine company can streamline the network infrastructure with the machines and ensure efficient connectivity between various components.

Overall, the integration of networking capabilities, advanced payment systems, and IP surveillance system has transformed vending machines into smart, efficient and secure retail solutions.  These advancements enable seamless transaction, real-time data updates, and improved operational efficiency for vending machine operators, contributing to a better experience for both businesses and consumers.

Requirements of this application

  • Compact unmanaged Ethernet switch

  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE+)

  • Wide operating Temperature


Vending Machines are complex devices with various mechanical components that occupy a significant amount of space within the machine.  For instance, the Vending Machine Controller (VMC) is responsible for driving the display, keeping track of inserted credits and instructing the coin mechanism on the change to be dispensed.  Metal spirals are used to hold the products in place, while electromagnets help identify the type of coins based on their metal composition and thickness

Solution Topology

Considering the limited space within a vending machine, the ISF105P/ISG305P is specifically designed with a compact size, making it an ideal choice for such environments.  This compact switch not only provides connectivity but also offers power capacities (Power over Ethernet, PoE) to essential modules within the vending machine, including camera module, RFC module, and LCD monitor.

Additionally, the ISF105P/ISG305P is designed to meet the demands of industrial environments.  With a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75℃, it can ensures optimal performance even in the enclosed conditions inside a vending machine.  These features make the ISF105P/ISF305P an idea solution for the networking requirements of the vending machine application, providing reliable connectivity between different components and enhancing overall functionality.

JWIPC product and highlights

I7 8th Gen Motherboard


5-port 10/100TX Compact Fast Ethernet Switch

4 PoE ports with IEEE802.3af/at standard

45~58VDC redundant dual power inputs

IP40 rated aluminum housing

-40 to 75°C operating temperature range

48 Bay Server


5-port Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch

4 PoE ports with IEEE802.3af/at standard

45~58VDC redundant dual power inputs

IP40 rated aluminum housing

-40 to 75°C operating temperature range

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