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Mini PC: Small and Powerful

The so-called mini desktop computer is a compact desktop computer. This desktop computer has a compact shape, which not only has higher integration, stronger computing performance, but also has a more pocket-sized shape. Imagine putting all the functions of a traditional desktop computer into a fancy box, and its size is only the size of a book. You can install the completely open mainstream Windows operating system, all kinds of office and software, and customize it according to the user's personal preferences. It is easy to see this kind of computer in offices, SOHO homes and other places. So, compared with laptop, what are the advantages of mini-host?

First of all, the biggest advantage of mini-PC is its small size. 

Compared with ultra-thin notebook computers, mini-hosts also have considerable volume advantages. Mini-host realizes many requirements such as small size, space saving, low power consumption, cost saving, strong expansibility and environmental protection.

Secondly, the performance of mini-PC is strong. 

Compared with the past, the performance of powerful mini PC has become mature. After several years of exploration and accumulation, most mini-hosts can meet the basic needs of 70% users, such as office, entertainment, industrial control, display and playback.

Thirdly, the heat dissipation function of the mini-PC is great.

What worries consumers most about mini-hosts is the heat dissipation, just as the heat dissipation of notebook computers has been crushed by desktop computers. In terms of volume, this concern is not superfluous. However, at present, it is very rare that the mini-host is burnt out due to overheating. Most of this is because the configuration of mini-host matches perfectly with its cooling equipment. For example, in addition to the built-in silent fan, the exterior of the mini host is designed with heat dissipation holes. Although the metal body may heat up, the thermal conductivity of the metal also protects the safety of the mini host during operation.

Finally, the mini-PC runs stably and safely. 

In fact, as far as most desktop computers are concerned, due to the large number of hardware stacks, compatibility or instability of individual components will easily affect the operation of the whole machine. However, due to its small size, high integration of motherboard and compact design layout of components and chips, most mini-hosts can run stably for a long time, and it is not easy for individual hardware problems to affect the operation or interruption of the whole machine.

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