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Access Control Software & Solutions

Parting from the traditional manual, card-swiping access control and attendance management, JWIPC Access Control Software & Solutions series integrates face recognition, temperature measurement, and card-swiping verification to achieve faster, more convenient and more accurate access management. The access control and attendance program can make the morning rush hour easy and calm, and open the era of intelligent office.

Types of Access Control Software & Solutions

Access Control Solution

The JWIPC smart access solution integrates facial recognition, temperature measurement, attendance management, and other functions.

Aluminum alloy product shell, simple appearance design, adjustable display terminal angle, touchable operation, strong universality for the base stand, with different bases or components, different placement methods can be realized.

The system has powerful functions, which can realize functions such as temperature measurement, card reading, QR code identification, 4G network connection, access control, and attendance. Various functions can be realized through modularization and rich interfaces, which can be selected according to needs and reduce costs. Based on the access management platform and application system, the solution can realize personnel management, equipment management, user management, network management, and system management, and accurately complete face recognition and temperature detection.