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The all-in-one computer highly integrates Main frame part and the display part. With its excellent appearance design and good hardware performance, the all-in-one computer has become the choice of many home and office users. The JWIPC all-in-one machine is designed and built based on its own consumer motherboard. AIO desktop computer is mainly suitable for office environments. The size is also based on the needs of office scenarios, with 21 inches and 23 inches. Expanding the product line, JWIPC also has 28-inch products for special office needs and gaming.

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Types of All-in-One PC (AIO)

All-in-one desktop computer & All-in-one Considerations Benefits

Simple connection: The most concise and optimized line connection method, only one power cord is needed to complete all connections. Reduced speaker cable, camera cable, video cable, network cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, etc.

Space-saving: Slimer than traditional desktops, saving up to 70% of space.

High price-performance integration: Have more functional components compared to desktops at the same price, including cameras, wireless network cables, speakers, Bluetooth, and headsets.

Energy-saving and environmental protection: The all in 1 desktop computer is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the power consumption is only 1/3 of the traditional desktop, which brings less electromagnetic radiation.

Fashion appearance: The simple and fashionable physical design of the integrated AIO is more in line with the modern people's purpose of saving space and beauty in the home.

JWIPC mainly provides All-in-One PC customization services, relying on JWIPC consumer motherboards with display devices, mainly including 21.5-inch and 23.8-inch, etc. Different specifications and equipment allow JWIPC All-in-One PC to meet the needs of the office, gaming, personal use, and other application scenarios.