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JWIPC has different levels of digital signage players, including entry-level digital signage players, mainstream digital signage players, and high-performance digital signage players. These can meet the needs of vertical markets such as retail, education, finance, and hotels. Customers can choose the model according to the required product performance, a number of displays, and structural performance. JWIPC digital signage players are based on industrial control design thinking and pay attention to product application stability. ARM platform products support JWIPC's self-developed SPIRIT software, which realizes API graphical calls. Combined with information release software and self-service selling software, JWIPC's player signage can quickly realize commercial display and self-service equipment deployment.

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What Is A Digital Signage Player In Media?

  • Digital signage players are everywhere. As a computer connected to or embedded in a digital signage display, digital signage PC can meet all communication display needs from basic information release to emergency notification, improving communication between businesses and audiences.

  • Digital signage players are an important component of digital signage systems, and there are many digital signage players on the market today, ranging from affordable plug-and-play devices to complex boxes with powerful processing power.

  • With different software systems, the digital signage player can realize a variety of application scenarios. For example, with an information release system, it can complete wonderful advertisement playback and human-computer interaction, and create personalized and interesting marketing. With the self-service vending system, self-service equipment can be quickly deployed, and it can also complete applications such as information display and home entertainment.