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Industrial Motherboard

The embedded motherboard is a CPU board embedded in the device for control and data processing, that is to say, the "brain" of the device. JWIPC provides embedded motherboards of different sizes and specifications based on X86 and ARM platforms, and a rich product line, which can meet the applications of most industrial customers, such as industrial, commercial display, retail and other industrial applications. JWIPC embedded motherboards are basically designed with industrial-grade standards and have the advantages of high integration and high-cost performance.

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Benefits of JWIPC Embedded Platforms

JWIPC has embedded motherboards of various specifications and sizes to suit various application scenarios. Mainly based on X86 and ARM architectures, designed and manufactured by industrial standards, stable and reliable. To meet the different needs of customers, JWIPC also provides customers with customized services and software value-added services, assisting with the rapid deployment and construction of scenarios. At present, JWIPC embedded computer boards have been applied to many industries, such as self-service, digital signage, industrial control, etc.

Hardware Design

JWIPC has many years of R&D accumulation and is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that has both X86 and ARM in-depth development capabilities. With 80% of senior hardware R&D and structural designers, can meet the design ideas and requirements of the different products of customers and form a unique product style.

Quality Assurance

The overall materials of JWIPC products are from international high-quality brands, and the safety of each component and the wiring of the lines are strictly controlled by experienced engineers. All products have undergone a strict and complete testing process, the iMES manufacturing execution system ensures that the whole process of product manufacturing is controllable and ensures excellent product stability and reliability.

Software Value Added

The JWIPC embedded software team can provide customers with ARM-based product software development, with Windows, Android, Linux development, customization, driver debugging, application layer connection, and application software development capabilities.

Application Service

To meet the needs of systematic services, JWIPC helps customers achieve faster scene construction based on the embedded motherboard hardware system, software and platform loading services, and overall development of application solutions.