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Edge AI Gateway

Edge computing PC is quickly accepted by customers in the IoT industry due to its real-time performance and security. Based on the latest X86 and ARM platform products, JWIPC has launched a series of edge gateway devices to accelerate the development of AIoT. Small size, low power consumption, and excellent computing power, suitable for edge management applications in various industries.

Types of Industrial Edge Computer

Features of Edge Computing

Edge computing PC refers to the processing, analysis, and storage of data close to the data source, enabling rapid analysis and response in near real-time. Moving some data functions, such as storage, processing, and analytics, from the cloud to the edge, closer to the data source, can bring the following key benefits:

Increased speed, lower latency: Moving data processing and analytics to the edge can help make systems more responsive, speed up transactions, and deliver a better experience, which is critical for near-real-time applications such as autonomous driving.

Optimized network traffic management: Minimizing the data sent over the network to the cloud can reduce the bandwidth and cost of transferring and storing large amounts of data.

Improve reliability: The amount of data that the network can transmit at one time is limited. For locations with poor internet connectivity, being able to store and process data at the edge can greatly improve reliability when the connection to the cloud is lost.

Increased security: When properly deployed, edge computing solutions can improve data security by restricting data transmission over the Internet.