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Embedded BOX PC

JWIPC embedded computer manufacturers, its AIBOX full series of fanless embedded industrial machines, naming the product lines after AI and fanless embedded industrial BOX products (industrial embedded computer) and technical directions, covering fanless embedded industrial machines of various sizes and performance levels, Fully meet customer needs with stable and reliable high performance, and take into account the features of low cost, easy maintenance, easy use, and easy upgrade.

Types of Industrial Embedded Box PC

What Is An Industrial PC Used For?

Common application scenarios of JWIPC industrial BOX PC:

Industrial Automation

JWIPC Industrial embedded Box PC can help factories achieve mass production, and collect valuable data through machines and equipment to conduct preventive maintenance, which can improve efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption, and promote industrial upgrading.

Machine Vision

Compared with manual detection, machine vision detection has obvious advantages in accuracy, speed, adaptability, and reliability. JWIPC provides multi-expandable industrial embeded BOX PCs with AI computing power and ultra-clear graphics computing capabilities to meet machine vision applications.

Warehouse Logistics

Picking is a labor-intensive operation in warehousing and logistics. JWIPC embedded industrial computer can help logistics sorting equipment to create a stable and efficient control device with the advantages of strong performance, strong durability, good stability, and high precision.