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Industrial Motherboard

Industrial motherboards are used in industrial scenarios and can adapt to wide temperature environments, harsh environments, and long hour's high-load work. JWIPC use integration of the two major trends of AI and IoT as the product line names for the full range of industrial motherboards,  covering industry standard sizes as a whole, including but not limited to 3.5inch, THIN MINI ITX, Micro ITX, etc., with feature of stability, reliability, compatibility, etc.

Types of Industrial Motherboard

What is an Embedded Industrial Motherboard?

The embedded industrial mainboard controls the equipment and helps the industrial manufacturing equipment perform data processing. Generally speaking, embedded industrial motherboards have the characteristics of small size, high integration, and low power consumption.

JWIPC embedded industrial motherboard covers most industry-standard sizes, convenient for industrial automation equipment upgrades. In addition to the essential characteristics of embedded industrial computer motherboards, JWIPC embedded industrial motherboards have dust-proof, shock-resistant, and other functions as a whole, which can guarantee long-term protection and stable operation. in harsh environments.