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Industrial Computer

JWIPC as industrial PC manufacturers, provides customers with professional industrial control machines, industrial panels and edge computing products. The JWIPC industrial product line has complete R&D process, project procedures, and testing system. Select material and component suppliers in strict accordance with industrial standards, and match them with the supplier management system to ensure rock-solid quality. To reduce costs and increase efficiency, on the premise of ensuring industrial quality, we provide customers with cost-effective and competitive industrial computer products and provide core computing and control equipment for new industries and advanced manufacturing industries.

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Types of Industrial Personal Computer (IPC)

What Makes An Industrial PC Different?

The industrial PC mainly refers to the personal computer used in the industrial world, which can be used as an industrial controller. At present, IPC industrial PC has been widely used in communication, industrial control site, toll collection, medical treatment, environmental protection, and all aspects of people's life.

  • The requirements for the components used are relatively high, and it is necessary to ensure that they can be used under harsh conditions;

  • The life cycle is longer than commercial computers. Commercial motherboards only have a life cycle of six months to one year, while industrial motherboards can reach a life cycle of up to five years;

  • Strong reliability, better real-time performance, and stability. Can control and monitor the production process in real-time, and work for a long time without affecting the operational efficiency;

  • The protection function can only appear in industrial computers, and it is necessary to ensure the high stability of the system of IPC PC in harsh environments;

  • The working temperature is different. Ordinary commercial machines can only be used at 5-38 Celsius, while industrial-grade machines can work stably at -20 to 60 Celsius.