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IoT Software & Solutions

With overall solution capabilities and value-added services, JWIPC sets up a software team, launches systematic products based on hardware products, and helps customers quickly complete application construction.  In order to meet the application requirements of each field, JWIPC hardware products are involved in various fields to match different software systems for applications in different fields. Customers can choose to purchase hardware, kits or overall solutions according to their own needs.

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Types of IoT Software & Solutions

Benefits of IoT Software & Solutions

Simple Deployment

Based on the sophisticated solution, customers can achieve faster deployment without having to re-build the entire system of hardware, software, and platforms. The whole solution can be put into market use directly and quickly implanted into its own needs.

Reduce Labor Costs

Compared with the entire research and development of the product, the solution can be invested in lower labor costs. Whether it is hardware, software, or structure, there is no need to have more engineers join the research and development work.


JWIPC solutions can be customized and developed according to customer needs on an existing basis, which also ensures the flexibility of the solution. According to the specific market positioning and application of customers, the secondary development can be quickly completed.