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OPS & SDM Digital Signage Player

OPS stands for Open Pluggable Specification, a standard computing module plug-in format. Using OPS in digital signage can reduce downtime and maintenance costs by quickly replacing computing modules. As the earliest OPS provider, JWIPC has mature OPS R&D experience. JWIPC has OPS products of different specifications and improves them for different purposes, such as integrating AI, 5G, and other technologies to meet the constantly developing applications.

Types of OPS & SDM Digital Signage Player

Form Factor of Digital Signage Player

OPS standardizes the system architecture between displays and media players. It can make the design, deployment, and management of digital signage and other display solutions more cost-effective, and support advanced features, and emerging using scenarios, including interactivity and anonymous audience analytics. Optimized for applications such as interactive whiteboards (IWB), commercial digital signage, kiosks, visual data devices, video walls, and more.

Everyone loves a nice, clean setup, but not all digital signage installations can hide cables. The standard OPS product can meet your needs according to the standardized interface. At the same time, the standard OPS digital signage player has a small size, which greatly reduces the dependence on equipment and occasions, and realizes the application of more scenarios.