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Storage Server

As a data storage expert that deeply studies data requirements, JWIPC network storage server provides storage server solutions and scenario-based solutions suitable for business applications with its leading technology and complete product line. Help customers with digital transformation and business breakthroughs in the new data era.

Types of Storage Server

Things to Keep in Mind When Picking a Server Computer for Your Network


At present, the system of the server is mainly divided into two categories, the Linux system, and the Windows system. Users need to distinguish according to their own software development language when choosing a server system. Generally speaking, PHP programs are more suitable for Linux systems, while ASP and NET are more suitable for Windows systems.


Extensibility refers to the ability to increase the size and capacity of a server computer without hassle. Current needs cannot meet future needs, so extensibility is also an important consideration for our choice.


When choosing a server, users need to consider their own business needs, such as the target group for the business, the areas where the business will focus, and the mode of business development. These aspects are important for server selection.

Service and Support

If a component in the server computer fails, does anyone on your site qualify to repair the damaged server? If not, you should get an onsite maintenance contract for the server.